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3 DIY Ideas for a Nature-themed Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties are a lot of fun for the whole family and they create a magical environment no matter where the party is held. One of the best and easiest party themes that children of all ages love is a nature-themed birthday party. By using everyday items from home combined with random additions found […]

The Best Mobility Devices For Children

For disabled children, mobility devices can mean a kind of freedom that would not otherwise be known. Mobility devices come in a range of forms however, with some, such as wheelchairs, being well-known, while others are more specific to certain conditions. Walkers. Tweet admin

The Top 5 Places to Meet Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World

One of the best parts of a Disney vacation is meeting the main mouse himself—but Mickey can be hard to find if you don’t know where (and when) to look. Walt Disney World offers several different ways that you can meet Mickey, so you can choose the location that best suits your schedule—or visit them […]

Disability and Your Child: How To Encourage Physical Activity

Living with physical disability can be challenging in all kinds of ways, but perhaps one of the most disheartening things new parents in particular can think is that their child will never be able to enjoy physical activity. This is simply not the case and physical handicaps are no barrier to a child enjoying all […]

The Advantages of Summer Camp

Camp is one of those words that is closely related to summer as are the words fun, vacation, and swimming. Summer camp for many is synonymous with the full summer experience. As we get older and become adults, we long for the days of summer camp and the relationships developed and the fun had at […]

3 Great & Affordable Summer Activities for Kids

A pair of working parents, hectic school and activity schedules and a chronic shortage of cash are challenges that most families face these days. Fortunately, the beautiful weather and lazy days of summer make it especially easy to dedicate time to togetherness. Try these affordable ideas to keep bored kids busy while making memories that […]

Take The Kids Out To The Ballpark Tips

Remember when your Dad took you to the ballpark for the first time? How in awe you were at the size of the stadium, the smell of the hot dogs, and the volume of the crowd? How you had to adjust to not hearing an announcer tell you what was happening? Seeing your favorite team […]

Fun Activities for You and Your Young Ones

As every parent will know, it is ever so important for children of a young age to get out of the house and experience new sights and sounds – whether it’s Yo Gabba Gabba! or a favorite book. The benefits of introducing them to the big bright world outside are obvious, but many parents feel […]

Working from Home with Kids Survival Guide

Work At Home Moms or WAHM have become common in this era. Almost every other mom is working from home. However, this becomes very challenging and tiring. At times, moms get to a point where they cannot achieve their targets while working from home. Here is a survival guide on what mothers working from home […]

Exercise Ideas for Children

With spring just on the horizon, there is no better time to start encouraging your child to get active and get fit. Whether your child prefers indoor or outdoor sports, there are plenty of activities for your child to get involved in this spring. With health experts becoming increasingly concerned about the number of children […]

5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Garden Trampoline

Spring is nearly here, and garden trampolines will be popping up in gardens around the world ready for summer. Garden trampolines have had bad press in the past, and their safety has been called into question. The truth is garden trampolines provide a great, fun form of exercise for children, and they are perfectly safe […]

Building a Kid-Friendly Backyard

One of the joys of childhood is being able to run around in the backyard. It can be a place for adventure, imaginative play, and a child’s first introduction to sports. Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re simply preparing your yard for a new arrival, there are certain steps you can […]

Recess: Vital to Healthy Child Development

Ask most students what his or her favorite time of the school day is and “recess” often tops the list. While some 40% of all U.S. school districts continue to cut recess time to add more classroom time to the day, more and more studies indicate that recess is just as important as any other […]

Why Your Autism Spectrum Child Needs a Rocking Horse – Vestibular Stimulation and the Autism Spectrum

One of the major problem areas for our son with Aspergers is his need for vestibular stimulation.  From the time that Z could locomote, life has been a significant challenge for us because he would spend most of his time running around the house at top speed, banging into the walls, falling on the ground […]

4 Family Vacation Ideas on a Tight Budget

Big or small, family vacations are a staple for most families. And for good reason! If your family took trips while you were growing up, you’ll understand the importance of this unique time. Family life is hectic and running from work, to school, to soccer practice, to music lessons, and more, can really be a […]