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Tips for wood carving artists, parents of artists, aspiring artists…

10 easy DIY repairs to your wood rocking horse to restore its value

Alright, folks, here’s your guide to cleanin’ a wooden rockin’ horse, Chris Pratt style! Buckle up and let’s get to it! 

3 secrets that rocking horse makers should know to increase sales

I’ll highlight some of the styles, makes and types of rocking horses that I have bought from wood carving artists and sold as well as those that did not sell.

3 secrets that make a rocking horse sell for more money

Here are some of the styles, makes and types of wooden rocking horses that I have sold as well as those I tried to sell but could not.

Top 10 Crafting Supplies Every Parent Should Have

Every parent wants to have a well-stocked arts and crafts cabinet. The goal is an understandable and even noble one. Who doesn’t want to be able to help their kids do whatever craft project they dream up? If you aren’t careful, though, you’ll go overboard in the craft supply stores, and even though your cabinet […]

Tips To Identify Whether a Painting Is True or False

If you are simply buying a painting to satisfy your aesthetic sense and to embellish your drawing room, you can buy anything that looks reasonable and fine. However, on the other hand, it is a totally different phenomenon to buy a painting for the purpose of the investment. It is not actually who the painter […]

Yes To Love

Remember the engagement video First Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal, that same couple have made another great one… Tweet admin

TJ Stone: Creator of Intricate Handcarved Furniture (Images)

Born in 1874 in Thomasville, NC, TJ Stone traveled the world over and eventually came back to North Carolina to create what his mind envisioned as a wood carver – furniture for the elite of his day. Tweet admin

6 Online Photo Editors: Which One Is Best For You?

An online photo editor is a tool that allows you to edit photos directly in your web browser, rather than in other graphic software programs. These online tools have improved greatly in the last several years. Many come very close to replicating a traditional software program with their complexity. Most of these tools can thank […]

First Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal (Video)

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Music to Feed Your Mind

You’ve known forever that music makes your heart go pitty pat, right? Did you know it makes your brain do the same? It’s true. When we hear music with a great beat it’s all but impossible to keep from toe-tapping, finger-rapping, gum-snapping in time to the beat. The thing is, the brain likes to try […]

Toy Wooden Horses Come To Life

One of my favorite books when I was very small was a book about a toy wooden horse who came alive. I remember opening the book, feeling the pages in my hands. It was so familiar and to this day the image of the painted horse stays in my mind over fifty years later.  The […]

Start an Online Store in 5 Easy Steps

The recession is easing in countries across the globe, and governments are already championing entrepreneurship as the way to drive economic growth in the future. By encouraging unemployed or redundant individuals who have leadership skills to establish their own business, national leaders are attempting to empower their citizens as the employers of tomorrow. Starting an […]

Artists and Social Media Collide

Social Media is huge. It just is. We live in a day and age when Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the like are all out there with cunning grins beckoning us closer. And we must follow. Or we should at least try it out.  For artists especially there is a need to expand our resources and […]

Social Media for Artists

As an artist one of the most useful things we can do for our art career is be visible on social media. Unfortunately, the phrase “social media” can have some scary connotations, especially for those of who aren’t tech savvy. But social media does not have to be scary, and once you take the fear […]