The recession is easing in countries across the globe, and governments are already championing entrepreneurship as the way to drive economic growth in the future. By encouraging unemployed or redundant individuals who have leadership skills to establish their own business, national leaders are attempting to empower their citizens as the employers of tomorrow. Starting an online fashion store is the perfect place to start as an aspiring entrepreneur, so long as you bear several key points in mind.

Establish Yourself with the Correct Equipment

Part of the appeal of starting an online fashion store lies in the extremely low start up costs, as only very basic hardware is necessary to enter the market. A personal computer and reliable Internet connection are the 2 main tools you will require, but as you are most likely to have these already then you should have already met more than half of the challenge. A good quality digital camera is also a must, as this allows you to capture high definition images of your products and present these effectively to customers.

What are You Going to Sell and to Who?

The relevance and quality of the product remains of paramount important to online traders, so deciding what you are going to sell is crucial. As a start up business you should also consider a target market, whether you wish to sell a comprehensive clothing range to both men and women or specialize within a single niche sector. Also, it is important to ensure that the garments you sell are both high in demand and ultimately fashionable, as even the best pricing structure in the world cannot redeem poor quality goods.

Strive to Find a Genuine Wholesaler

Targeting a genuine wholesaler is the next logical step, and these entities are critical in saving your start up venture huge sums of money. Selling ex-chainstore clothing in bulk and at discounts of up to 70% in some instances, wholesale stores provide you with access to clothes which are both in season and popular among all leading high street brands. Research your suppliers well to make the best possible savings, as wholesalers such as SiiC Clothing offer hugely discounted prices on low minimum order quantities.

Develop your Store Fronts  and Online Presence

With your products available to sell, you now need to create a strong and accessible online presence. Whether you open a single online store front or several, it is important that they are well presented and deliver a clear representation of your goods, pricing and individual business philosophy. Take advantage of free online store opportunities on resources such as Ebay and Lulu, and remember to share these with potential customers and collaborators through Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Crunch the Numbers and Share Your Discount with Customers

Now is the time to crunch the numbers, and develop a pricing strategy that is fair for consumers and generative in terms of profit. This is why starting small is a wise business strategy, as it is far easier to calculate profit margins on 10 items of clothing that it is on 100.  So if you purchase a pack of 4 high street branded coats for the recommended retail price of one, then you have the flexibility to undercut competitors by up to 50% in price while still making a sizeable profit per sale. This way, you are sharing you own discount with consumers and making sure that everyone is satisfied.