Working independently as a crafter, selling products online or at
seasonal shows, can make accepting customer credit cards a
real challenge. Merchant services often include high fees for
businesses that do not handle a large number of transactions every
month, and these extra charges can make or break a small business.

However, there are some companies that specialize in credit card
processing when sales will be made only during a certain time of the
year – as with craftsmen and women who sell their handmade goods at
fairs, shows, and other seasonal events. With these specialty
contracts, entrepreneurs are not penalized during the months when no
transactions take place. These services are usually very affordable,
since the businesses have the opportunity to handle and personally
swipe their customers’ Visa and Master cards.

Special equipment is also available, allowing crafters to enter
transactions using wireless or portable terminals, or to use their
smart phones or laptops to receive payments.

If your small business has been avoiding what seems to be a hassle
associated with credit card processing, it might be time to revisit
the issue. A discount merchant account can help increase your sales by making your
products more appealing to those who don’t have enough cash to pay up
front for the items they wish to buy. Check out the links above and
get a quote today!