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Everyone Talks About Maternal Instinct…What About Paternal Instinct?

Moms get all the credit, and maybe they should – or at least most of it. When it comes to making children, they do most of the work. For the better part of a year, an expecting mother has a soccer game going on inside of her belly. It’s uncomfortable, painful, exhausting – and they […]

Yes To Love

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3 Things Newlywed Couples Should Discuss Before Having Children

Adding children to a marriage is a big deal. Moving from being a couple to a family affects every area of relationship. Hopefully, you discussed having children, at least in theory, before you got married. Now, as you consider the possibility as a reality, here are things you will want to discuss to be proactive […]

Father’s Day: A Gift to Consider, A Day to Remember

June is here and with that comes an important day. I’ve been wondering for the gift my dad would appreciate. It has been a custom to celebrate Father’s day, and we’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember. We would begin by cooking dad’s favorite meal, and end the day with a […]

First Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal (Video)

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Two Reasons to Understand Family Law

What is family law?  Family law is a particular branch of the legal field that relates to families, home life, marriage, inheritance, child custody, divorce, and similar subjects.  Cases brought to the attention of a family law firm often encompass many of these subjects, which is why most of these firms will provide an extensive […]

Cell Phones Kill [infographic]

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How To Pick a Gift For a Stepchild

Choosing a gift for a stepchild is always difficult. You don’t want to appear to want to ‘buy’ their affection, but you don’t want to hold back in case you look like you’re penny-pinching (or, worse, that you don’t like them.) Christmas and birthdays are a nightmare for any parent, let alone a step-parent, so […]

Silence A Snorer!

A common scenario played out in many households across the country each night is disrupted sleep patterns due to snoring. Unfortunately, snoring not only disrupts the sleep of the person who snores but also of those around them and in particular the person who may share a bed with them. Snoring has been found to […]