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A Hazel Musing: Things That Make Me Giggle Uncontrollably or Shake With Excitement

Now I am quite a good little girl, I don’t cry too much, as I love being happy, giggly and excitable.  If I’m naughty and get told off, I don’t dwell on it too much, I just look for the next source of entertainment. Now, entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean anything that costs money, I have […]

Raising Multiples: Triplets, Twins and a Single…Life Is Crazy!

I am a mom, a stay at home mom to be exact.  I worked outside of the home until I was 6 months pregnant with my triplets.  Adding triplet boys to my current family of 5 was enough to push me into leaving my job outside of the home and committing to raising my 6 […]

April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Significant Other

Whether it’s the prank of all pranks, or a cute and funny trick you play on your better half, taking part in some April Fools Day shenanigans is a great way to reacquaint your partner with your playful side.  A couple harmless escapades can be exactly what you need to create those memorable laughs that […]

Reasons Why I Dread Being a Mom

“God can’t be with us so he made mothers.” Mothers are the most wonderful people in the world. They keep us safe in their wombs while we are nothing but a cluster of cells. They protect us when we finally arrive into the world and are susceptible to all sorts of foreign bodies. They nurture […]

Mall Santa Musical Video

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Halloween Light Show – Party Rock

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Prairie Dogs Riding a Roomba

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Maru Loves Paper Bags

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One Way to Say Something Nice

Wonder if this has anything to do with effective parenting? You won’t after watching it… Tweet admin