I am a mom, a stay at home mom to be exact.  I worked outside of the home until I was 6 months pregnant with my triplets.  Adding triplet boys to my current family of 5 was enough to push me into leaving my job outside of the home and committing to raising my 6 children.  It has now been almost 4 years since my transition and there are days when I don’t really know what side of the fence I prefer.

My days lead into the nights and things never get completely done.   I clean and pick things up all day long to have a trail of destruction following me.  The word “mom” is used way too much and by 5pm I cringe when I hear the word.

I have become an expert at filling up a shopping cart and spending a load of money on food that is gone almost immediately. On average we go thru 2 gallons of milk a day and at least one loaf of bread.  We are a two hotdog package family and a quart of fruit doesn’t go far in my family.  My biggest decision of the day is usually what we will have for dinner.

I like to think that I will wear all of those snazzy clothes that fill up my closet but in reality my wardrobe is black workout pants and a warm up jacket to go with it.  If I wear something outside of this my children will ask me why I am getting all dressed up.   I get excited when I get the laundry all folded and complete only to be disappointed that the hockey gear needs my attention.

I sometimes find the perfect recipe on Pinterest and spend the afternoon creating it only to have it eaten and everyone gone from the table in a matter of 15 minutes.  I get it, they are kids and as long as it tastes ok they are going to shove it in and move on to the next activity.

My quiet time has turned into trips to the grocery store or sitting at the local indoor pool watching my daughter or the hockey rink watching my older twin boys skate.   I am always wishing these places had faster wireless connections so I could drown myself in serious web surfing with no distractions.

Sunday nights are a breath of fresh air for me because Monday brings school.  A brief school for the triplets but several hours none the less.    I am the keeper of everyone’s stuff and it seems to be an unwritten rule that I am supposed to know where everything is at all times.  I drive a huge vehicle and can’t really do any carpooling because my own kids fill up all of my seats.  I don’t really know what the latest songs on the radio are because whenever I am in my car I am listening to “The Top 25 Happy Kid Songs” or listening to the audio of some movie that I can repeat word for word.   Facebook is a place that I can go where no one needs me. There is no whining and I don’t have to help anyone. I can just scroll and click.

4:06pm is a pinnacle moment at my home.  The bus drops off my older three and the triplets are getting up from their naps.  I do more in that one hour than most.  I am gathering papers and artwork in one hand, giving a spelling test with the other, stirring pasta at the stove and trying to fill sip cups with milk for the triplets.  The sounds of rustling paper and pinging of pots and pans dulls underneath the conversations about everyone’s day.  Everyone is happy and vying for my attention.    I am a stay at home mom to my 6 wonderful children. Some days are easier than others but my job is important none the less.

Mott Multiples is written as a first hand experience of what raising mulitples is all about.  Heather is a stay at home mom to twin boys, triplet boys and a single daughter.  She started this blog to take the place of the baby book that she was never good at keeping.  She  shares all the things that go along with raising a big family, keeping up a marriage and a social life at the same time.