Many have the misconception that SAHM parenting is a bed of roses.  Boy do they ever have it wrong! Being a stay at home mom can be a real challenge. Dealing with the kids all day, cooking, and cleaning IS a job.  It may not pay the bills but it takes time, energy, and effort.  The following are 8 common challenges that stay at home moms face every day.

  • No breaks.  Working moms often get a 30 minute to an hour lunch break during the day to run errands or eat lunch. Stay at home moms, on the other hand, do not get breaks. One of the most common complaints from mothers who stay at home is that they get little or no time to themselves every day.
  • Lack of socialization. Moms who stay at home with their kids during the day also complain of a lack of socialization. It can be hard to get out and socialize when you have young children to take care of.  Many SAHM try to plan play dates to counteract the lack of socialization from staying at home all day with the kids.
  • Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.  Stay at home moms often do not feel as if they are valuable members of society because they are not contributing financially. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Raising children is the perfect opportunity to put a stamp on the earth.  They also feel inferior to other women who have made careers for themselves which is another common problem among women who stay at home.
  • It can get monotonous.  While there will be no two days that are exactly the same with children running around, staying at home can be monotonous. Moms who care for their children throughout the entire day often get caught up in routine.  While routine is often good for children, it can also leave room for a stay at home mother to feel hopeless.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed.  Women who choose to stay at home with the children are often consumed with feelings of being overwhelmed. Men, for some reason, think that if their wives stay at home all day, they should assume ALL of the responsibility of taking care of the kids and household. This expectation can sometimes be too much for mothers to handle and becomes a challenge.
  • Being the chauffeur.  Mom is not only the cook, the cleaning lady, the tutor, the repairman, etc., she is also the family chauffeur. Another common challenge that SAHM endure is finding time to schedule all the daily events that take place for the family.  From soccer practice to doctor appointments, stay at home moms usually have schedules that are equal to working mothers they just do not get paid for it.
  • Meeting everyone’s needs mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.  If there is a problem, mom is the go-to girl.  She is expected to meet the needs of everyone in the house on a daily basis. This can sometimes be a challenge if there are many children, a dog, and a husband all battling for attention.
  • What happens if mom is sick? People in the household become so dependent on SAHMs that it can be difficult to function if mom gets sick.  What is the result of this? Mom is working hard to take care of the family regardless of her illness.

As you can see, stay at home mothers are not laying in a bed of roses all day.  Staying at home all day, every day can be a real challenge.  Regardless of the problems that may arise, being a stay at home mom is very rewarding. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have been there for your children. SAHMs are rewarded in that they miss out on very little of their children’s life. They are able to attend field trips, go to ball practices, help with homework and enjoy many other things that moms who work do not.  While there is guaranteed to be challenges along the way, being a stay at home mom is really one of the best jobs in the world.

Marina is SAHM  and a freelance writer who writes about specialty products like wall clock, matryoshka dolls, tiffany floor lamps, cheval mirrors, etagere and lot more.