Buy Vintage, Full Size Carousel Horses

The majority of these hand carved wooden carousel horses came from carousels built in the early 20th century, most are named after the artist who made the carousel. Each one has a unique story and historical significance.

These horses have been appraised and are here today (and gone tomorrow) because their owners are ready to sell.

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C.W. Parker Carousel Horse Unrestored

Antique C.W. Parker Jumper Horse

49" X 47" (h x l)


Location: New Jersey

Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse

Antique Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse

33" X 48" (h x l)


Location: North Carolina

Looff Reproduction Floral Horse

Reproduction Looff Floral Carousel Horse

67" X 51" (h x l)


Location: New York

Looff Carousel Horse

Looff Prancer Carousel Horse

61" X 38" (h x l)


Location: New Jersey

Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse (1913)

Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse, circa 1913

44" X 61" (h x l)


Location: Iowa

Looff Reproduction Carousel Horse

Reproduction Looff Carousel Horse

63" X 54" (h x l)


Location: Texas

Contemporary Carousel Horse

Contemporary Jumper Carousel Horse

67" X 55" (h x l)


Location: California

Oscar Buck Carousel Horse

O.C. Buck Carousel Horse

40" X 32" (h x l)


Location: New Jersey

Prancer Carousel Horse

Prancer Carousel Horse

43" X 34" (h x l)


Location: North Carolina

Wood Carving and Carousel Carving Classes

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