Parenting styles play an important role when it comes to the future happiness of a child. The manner in which a parent interacts with a child will have influence over their character, self-confidence and positioning in society.

Many parents unwittingly make mistakes that may damage a child’s chance of happiness. Here are some tips on what to avoid.

Too Much Discipline

Some parents are too harsh with their children. The parenting style is seen as authoritarian.

Such parents rely mainly on punishments and rewards to educate their children. Discipline is of key importance and any mistake that the child makes is likely to demand a rather harsh punishment.

Though the children of such parents will certainly be very disciplined and organized, they will be deprived of the chance to discover true happiness.

The children of authoritarian parents usually lack self-confidence. They are used to being oppressed and controlled by somebody else. Such individuals will have difficulties taking initiative and making certain decisions.

Authoritarian parents crush free will, especially if they rely excessively on punishments. Their children are likely to become apathetic and introverted.

Being Too Permissive

Permissive parents are the opposite of authoritarian parents. They are certain that the happiness of their children should be guaranteed at any cost.

Permissive parents are likely to approve of many of their children’s wishes. They have trouble saying no to their children’s requests, even when they seem to be irrational or potentially harmful in the long term.

The children of permissive parents are also likely to experience problems in the future. These people will be used to having everything. Life usually functions in a different way. The children of permissive parents will be shocked and extremely disappointed the first time they lose or the first time they are not given what they want.

These individuals will also have problems with authority. Since they are used to getting their way, the children of permissive parents may break regulations in an attempt to achieve personal benefits.

Uninvolved Parenting

The most problematic parenting style is the uninvolved one. Uninvolved parents seem to have no interest in anything related to their children. They are entirely aloof. Children cannot rely on their guidance, active involvement and support.

Uninvolved parenting has the power to interfere with a child’s life and happiness. The children of uninvolved parents will have no self-control. Simultaneously, they may lack self-confidence because of the lack of interest of their parents.

The children of uninvolved parents are also likely to have communication and social problems, as they have never had a role model to look up to.

Your parenting style is essential when it comes to the future of your children. Balance and moderation are of key importance in a child’s upbringing. Parents who are too radical or too liberal risk damaging the fragile individuality that is just getting formed. Use discipline when raising your child, but make sure they have a say as well and that their voice is heard.

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