Now I am quite a good little girl, I don’t cry too much, baby bloggeras I love being happy, giggly and excitable.  If I’m naughty and get told off, I don’t dwell on it too much, I just look for the next source of entertainment.

Now, entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean anything that costs money, I have taken it upon myself to make sure Mom and Dad also enjoy the simple pleasures of life (not that they didn’t before, I like to think I enhance the experience).  There are several simple things that make me giggle uncontrollably or shake with excitement!

Every morning when Mom or Dad open the curtains, it sets me off in giggles.  I just love the noise of the curtains being pulled back and suddenly being able to see the outside – one second it’s not there, then it is.  I love the outside.

Another thing I do that gives me the giggles is that I put as many tops as I can over my head and run around with them all on me.  I just giggle because I am so proud of myself that I can almost get myself dressed, just got to work out how to get my arms in!

Being taken for a walk makes me shake with excitement, as there are so many breathtaking and new things to see and do, not to mention the ones I love doing anyway.  I love watching for squirrels in the trees, feeding the ducks and seeing the twit twoo.  The latest thing in the outside that gets me really excited though is throwing stones into a stream and watching the big splash – that is great fun and I could do it for hours given half the chance.

feeding the ducks

A simple pleasure for me, maybe not for my parents is when they hurt themselves and say ‘ouch’, I find that hilarious – if they trip up, bang an arm, hit their head or whatever makes them go ‘ouch’ I can’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh!  In fact, sometimes when I’m not happy they hurt themselves purposefully and it cheers me right up!  My Dad is better at the “ouch” than Mom.

Other thing that really gets me going is singing “Row, Row, Row your boat”, whilst standing up and being pulled back and forth by Mom or Dad.  They pull their faces right up close to mine really fast and stop when they are just about a finger width away! It just cracks me up!

Lastly, I’m going to tell you about one last thing that makes me shake with excitement – now don’t laugh because this one is a really simple pleasure!  After my bath, I love to put on talcum powder.  Mom puts it on my hands and I shake with excitement as I put it all over myself – somehow Mom’s clothes always get covered in it as well.

I like being happy and I hope that my parents keep finding things that make me giggle like a loony tune and shake with sheer excitement.  I’m sure they will as keeping me happy is their sole purpose in life.

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