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A Hazel Musing: Things That Make Me Giggle Uncontrollably or Shake With Excitement

Now I am quite a good little girl, I don’t cry too much, as I love being happy, giggly and excitable.  If I’m naughty and get told off, I don’t dwell on it too much, I just look for the next source of entertainment. Now, entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean anything that costs money, I have […]

Fun Activities for You and Your Young Ones

As every parent will know, it is ever so important for children of a young age to get out of the house and experience new sights and sounds – whether it’s Yo Gabba Gabba! or a favorite book. The benefits of introducing them to the big bright world outside are obvious, but many parents feel […]

Working from Home with Kids Survival Guide

Work At Home Moms or WAHM have become common in this era. Almost every other mom is working from home. However, this becomes very challenging and tiring. At times, moms get to a point where they cannot achieve their targets while working from home. Here is a survival guide on what mothers working from home […]

Edutainment Gifts for Kids

Kids have a knack for creating toys out of the most random everyday items: a paper towel roll can serve as a telescope, a throw blanket becomes the cape of a superhero or a fallen tree branch is transformed into a queen’s scepter. Toys often encourage children to use their imaginations – and that’s one […]

Reasons Why I Dread Being a Mom

“God can’t be with us so he made mothers.” Mothers are the most wonderful people in the world. They keep us safe in their wombs while we are nothing but a cluster of cells. They protect us when we finally arrive into the world and are susceptible to all sorts of foreign bodies. They nurture […]

Building a Kid-Friendly Backyard

One of the joys of childhood is being able to run around in the backyard. It can be a place for adventure, imaginative play, and a child’s first introduction to sports. Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re simply preparing your yard for a new arrival, there are certain steps you can […]

TV and Children Behavioral Problems

It has been studied and argued that too much television viewing can be harmful to children. It is contributing to childhood obesity and violence. Too much television can also cause behavioral problems in children. A large part of the problem isn’t the television itself; it’s what the children aren’t doing because the television is on. […]

Precious Cargo: My Road to Discovering Booster-Seat Safety

My kindergartener fits the “husky” size at the GAP. At five-and-a-half, he’s already 55 pounds. Lately, he has been complaining about the straps on his car seat. “I feel like I’m trapped in here,” he says. “Get me out.” His Graco Turbo car seat converts into a booster, meaning I can detach the back, let […]

Educational Children’s Activities for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to spend time together for laughter, games and delicious food. Helping children learn as they play is one of the best things to help them develop their cognitive and motor skills, especially when they are still young. To help you think of ways to create simple educational […]

How to Establish Bedtime Routines for Children

One of the most endearing things about a child is their ability to live each moment to its fullest becoming totally immersed in whatever it is that has captured their attention at any given time. This same special quality can also make bedtime frustrating as some children have a great difficulty to put aside the […]

Video: Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

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Time Lapse: Baby Playing With Toys

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4 Surprising Things Toddlers Understand

In an article for Men’s Health, Sandra Nygaard mentions four surprising things toddlers understand. 1. Lying “When an adult’s emotional message differs from the verbal one, even 1-year-olds notice,” says Joan Klinkner, an early-childhood education instructor and the coauthor of Social & Emotional Development. Tweet admin