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A Hazel Musing: Things That Make Me Giggle Uncontrollably or Shake With Excitement

Now I am quite a good little girl, I don’t cry too much, as I love being happy, giggly and excitable.  If I’m naughty and get told off, I don’t dwell on it too much, I just look for the next source of entertainment. Now, entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean anything that costs money, I have […]

Reasons Why I Dread Being a Mom

“God can’t be with us so he made mothers.” Mothers are the most wonderful people in the world. They keep us safe in their wombs while we are nothing but a cluster of cells. They protect us when we finally arrive into the world and are susceptible to all sorts of foreign bodies. They nurture […]

Video: Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

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Cute Kid Says “Whatever”

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