It seems easy to spend cash, but doubly difficult to save money. Coupons provide you with the perfect method to spend as much as you want while making excellent savings! A wise customer knows how to benefit from low priced items and freebies. A wise customer knows how to cut his or her home needs bills in half.

You Save Much More

You don’t need to shop every now and then if you know how to use cash-saving coupons. If you buy your home needs such as detergent, soap, shampoo, disinfectant, toilet tissues and so on in bulk, you can save up to 50% of your bills. You might need to buy perishables once or twice a week but for all other home needs, once a month should do.

There are magnificent savings to be made by using the following methods:

1.    Doubling And Tripling Coupons

Sometimes stores launch product promotions to tempt you to shop for goods there. When you present a coupon for a promotion item, the store will double the coupon value for the item. This means that if you have a $2 coupon for an item, the store will give you an additional $2 off on the product. You get a total of $4 off! Imagine the actual price of the product is $6; you’ll be buying the item at just $2, which is a saving of almost 70% on the MRP!

You can present multiple numbers of the same item and redeem a coupon against each. However, most stores have a restriction on the number of coupons they’ll double. Beyond two or three, they may either limit the top off amount or refuse to double your coupon. To get more savings out of this kind of deal, use 2 different savings coupons for the same promotion item. Check if the same item has more than one coupon. This is entirely possible. So instead of buying four boxes of promotional cereal and not getting double value on the 4th coupon, buy six boxes of the same cereal. Use three coupons of one value and 3 coupons of a different value, to get them all doubled.

2.    Stacking Coupons

There are two kinds of coupons. One is the manufacturer discount coupons and the other is the store discount coupon. Manufacturers issue these coupons to attract consumers and to build brand loyalty. Sometimes they issue these coupons to help a slow moving product sell more numbers. You can redeem the manufacturer coupon at any store that accepts it.

A store coupon can be redeemed only at that particular store. Stores issue these coupons for two reasons. 1) They want to encourage sales of certain products on which they earn good commission rates and 2) They need to get rid of inventory. If you find a store coupon for an item for which you already have a manufacturer coupon, the store will allow you to use both coupons for the item.

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