Born in 1874 in Thomasville, NC, TJ Stone traveled the world over and eventually came back to North Carolina to create what his mind envisioned as a wood carver – furniture for the elite of his day.

While traveling the Orient with the Merchant Marines, TJ was inspired to create unique items. Between his trips he carved all kinds of furniture from mahogany – most of his carvings took a fanciful turn.

Dragons are often seen in his work.

Critiques find it difficult to classify TJ Stone’s work. Says one: “He’s hard to pin down. On the other hand, his style is not unique or developed enough to be called ‘genius.’”

TJ worked during the days of Prohibition and some pieces had hidden compartments for liquor, like this one…

TJ made furniture for many of the elites of his day. One story involved Mrs. Duke of the Dukes of Durham (who built Duke University). When he delivered his piece to Mrs. Duke, she criticized it, so he loaded it back up and left. She never owned one of his pieces.

What a character and what art, I mean furniture.

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