An online photo editor is a tool that allows you to edit photos directly in your web browser, rather than in other graphic software programs. These online tools have improved greatly in the last several years. Many come very close to replicating a traditional software program with their complexity. Most of these tools can thank Adobe’s constantly-improving Flash programming for their widening capacity and new abilities to deal with the ever-larger pictures from digital cameras and phones.

Zoom in on HTML photo editors
One main benefit of using an HTML-based photo editor is that it does not require Flash to be installed on your computer. Lunapic has been around for a very long time, but over the years it has improved greatly, much like its neighbors. Lunapic uses an HTML platform for editing, supports pictures up to 4MB and a max resolution of 1330×1330. Lunapic offers some very creative photo effects, and it can run on computers without Flash. Phixr is another tool able to run on computers without Flash. It has no limit to the physical size of a picture, but is limited to 1440×1080 resolution. It assuages privacy concerns by not keeping a picture for very long, which allows edits to sensitive photos without worry. Pixenate also runs without Flash, supports a 10MB picture size, a 1600×1200 resolution and offers one of the better smile-whitening tools.

Flash forward to a more powerful editor
Editing tools with Flash ultimately have more ability than HTML, but drawbacks can be slow loading at times. Fotoflexer is a free Flash-based tool that boasts no limit in its max photo size and a huge 4500×4500 resolution. Fotoflexer easily handles multiple layers and provides advanced tools such as curve and lassoing for no extra cost. is a web version of Adobe’s popular software. It supports a 6000×6000 resolution and no limit to photo size. It shows edits in real time and runs on all of Adobe’s latest technology. Splashup is a great Flash tool that replicates much of the Photoshop interface. It supports a 6.25MB picture size and 1250×1250 resolution. Splashup possesses great layering abilities and is a snap to use for those who are already familiar with Photoshop.

The question of which online photo editor is the best depends largely on what you need the software to do. Flash editors are generally more powerful and able to handle larger pictures. They also usually have a greater capability for layering. However, not everyone needs this type of intricacy, and Flash does occasionally have the drawback of slow loading. An HTML tool, such as Lunapic, is great for quick editing, cropping or fun special effects. More experienced users, on the other hand, are more likely to choose a Flash tool such as