Themed birthday parties are a lot of fun for the whole family and they create a magical environment no matter where the party is held. One of the best and easiest party themes that children of all ages love is a nature-themed birthday party. By using everyday items from home combined with random additions found outside, it’s possible to create a complete DIY party that even the children can help out with.

Signs and Banners

Birthday signs and banners are simple and effective decorative solutions for parties on a budget and the children will have a great time helping to make them as well. One option is simply to print out some images of nature and animals or ask the children to decorate blank sheets by drawing their favorites from nature. Another fun option is to make “nature stamps” by using leaves and twigs from around the home, dipping them in toxic-free paints and then stamping them across blanks sheets of paper. Once everything dries, simply write a Birthday message in marker.

Hats and Wreaths

No matter what the season may be, there is always an abundance of free materials found around the home. Collect a bunch of leaves, flowers or twigs to create fun nature hats and wreaths by layering these materials in a ring shape, then securing it all together using string or twist ties. The children can then wear the hats or decorate them with other craft materials like scrap papers or even paint.

Food and Food Toppers

Creating snacks that are nature-themed can be another fun option that children absolutely love. Celery sticks covered with peanut butter and raisins instantly creates “ants on a log” and slices of fruits and vegetables can easily be arranges into floral shapes on plates. Add a few rustic looking containers filled with trail mix and you’re done!

Food toppers, especially cupcake toppers, are very popular for parties these days and they are among the easiest decorations to really tie in the food with the rest of the party theme. The basic materials needed for toppers are toothpicks or popsicle sticks and something to top it with. One option is to cut out images from magazines that are related to nature, print out animals and natural objects or choose random items from the yard. Glue or tape these materials to the top of the sticks and then just place them in the cupcakes.

Having a themed birthday party outdoors not only creates a fun and healthy atmosphere for the children but it’s also quick and easy to put together, even for those last minute party plans.

Miho loves to create fun and educational children’s activities. She has worked as an early childhood educator for several years and enjoys posting creative craft ideas on her blog.