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The Dos and Don’ts of Kid Birthday Parties

Kid birthday parties can be fun or they can take a wrong turn. That is why it is essential to plan your kid’s birthday party carefully and cover as many aspects as possible. Think about the food, entertainment, venues, and so on and put everything on paper. To help you with the planning, here are […]

Throw A Superhero Party

These days, it seems like superheroes are everywhere you look. From movies to books to video games to costumes, everywhere you turn there’s one superhero or another. Personally, we can’t blame anyone for being excited about it. Who doesn’t like to imagine what it would be like to fly through the air, walk through walls, […]

Kids Custom Birthday Cake Ideas

Children have birthdays every year and their interests change even faster than that. As they grow up and their view of the world changes their passions evolve. It is up to a parent to nurture these passions and help guide their kids along the right track. Now parents all have different views of what the […]

How To Ensure Your Child’s Birthday Party Is a Day To Remember!

Anyone who’s ever been a parent and is now lucky enough to have children old enough organize their own parties will be reading this with a smug sense of, well, smugness. ‘I certainly am very lucky I don’t have to do this anymore,’ they will be thinking. And how right they are. Organising a child’s […]

3 DIY Ideas for a Nature-themed Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties are a lot of fun for the whole family and they create a magical environment no matter where the party is held. One of the best and easiest party themes that children of all ages love is a nature-themed birthday party. By using everyday items from home combined with random additions found […]

Toy Wooden Horses Come To Life

One of my favorite books when I was very small was a book about a toy wooden horse who came alive. I remember opening the book, feeling the pages in my hands. It was so familiar and to this day the image of the painted horse stays in my mind over fifty years later.  The […]

How To Pick a Gift For a Stepchild

Choosing a gift for a stepchild is always difficult. You don’t want to appear to want to ‘buy’ their affection, but you don’t want to hold back in case you look like you’re penny-pinching (or, worse, that you don’t like them.) Christmas and birthdays are a nightmare for any parent, let alone a step-parent, so […]

Fun Activities for You and Your Young Ones

As every parent will know, it is ever so important for children of a young age to get out of the house and experience new sights and sounds – whether it’s Yo Gabba Gabba! or a favorite book. The benefits of introducing them to the big bright world outside are obvious, but many parents feel […]

5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Garden Trampoline

Spring is nearly here, and garden trampolines will be popping up in gardens around the world ready for summer. Garden trampolines have had bad press in the past, and their safety has been called into question. The truth is garden trampolines provide a great, fun form of exercise for children, and they are perfectly safe […]

Visiting the Rocking Horse Ranch

Rocking Horse Ranch, otherwise known as America’s favorite family resort, in Highland, New York is wonderful for family members of all ages. By being awarded the Three Diamond Resort Award by AAA in 2011, visitors can rest assured knowing that this resort is top quality. From the horse adventures to the indoor water park, Rocking […]

Themes & Games: Plan the Perfect Children’s Party

Party planning doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  But kids parties can be a doddle if you just know where to look for the best party supplies for your chosen theme.  From choosing party bags and room decorations to devising exciting party games, a child’s birthday party is all about having a fun theme. Choosing the […]

Children’s Birthday Party Etiquette Q&A

Question: My child was just invited to a birthday party. How much should I spend on the birthday gift? Tweet admin

The Kid’s Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Well, it’s almost here: your child’s birthday. And (lucky you) that means the rite-of-passage whines about the long-anticipated birthday party. To the average parent, this can seem like a HUGE undertaking! But have no fear: with this tried-and-true checklist, a few deep breaths and an occasional Aspirin, your child’s party will be a wonderful experience […]

Rocking Horses for Sale

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NYC Central Park Carousel

This ride has been popular since it first opened in 1871. Since then the carousel has been replaced several times. Tweet admin