Rocking Horse Ranch, otherwise known as America’s favorite family resort, in Highland, New York is wonderful for family members of all ages. By being awarded the Three Diamond Resort Award by AAA in 2011, visitors can rest assured knowing that this resort is top quality. From the horse adventures to the indoor water park, Rocking Horse Ranch has a lot to offer. Here are just a few of the attractions and activities that family’s will enjoy.

Horse Adventures

Whether you love riding horses or learning about them, Rocking Horse Ranch has something for you and your family. Visitors can enjoy horse riding adventures that range from a walk ride, which is very relaxing and calm, to an advanced ride, which is reserved for those with experience. There are even pony rides for children under the age of 7. Do note that these are actually full-sized horses that have retired from the horse riding adventures and are sure to offer a gentle ride for small children. If you’re not experienced with riding horses, you can also watch a demonstration on how to communicate with the horse while riding. For those that don’t want to ride horses, there are also horse-drawn carriages, horse-shoeing demonstrations and barn tours.

Indoor Water Park

It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees outside, the Big Splash Indoor Water Park at the Rocking Horse Ranch always stays a toasty 85 degrees. With a 250-foot long flume ride and a walkway challenge that requires skill and the need for adventure, children of all ages will enjoy this park.

Winter Fun Park

Those visiting Rocking Horse Ranch in the winter will love the Winter Fun Park. The park offers skiing, snow-tubing, snowboarding and even sleigh rides. There are even instructors and designated areas for those that have never skied before. Best of all, the equipment you need is included in the price of your stay for no extra charge. Another plus is even if it’s not snowing, the park is able to make several feet of snow thanks to their powerful snow-making machines.

There’s a reason Rocking Horse Ranch is known as America’s favorite family resort. With all the year-round adventures and activities, it’s hard for anyone to not find something they love at the resort. Best of all, the resort always has specials available so that families can get a great deal. In fact, the longer you stay, the better rates you’ll receive.

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