By Liam Carter

Can you imagine a smile as big as the sun when your child or grandchild sees the gift of a rocking horse on that special occasion? Boys and girls alike will take to this wood crafted work of art like a duck placed in water. Better yet, you can bet that this horse will follow your child wherever they choose to go in life. It is that important to them.

Think about the joy you had when there used to be mechanical horses to ride for a quarter in department stores or how your kids just naturally gravitate toward the carousel at the amusement park and jump on a horse. With the right tools and rocking horse plans, your child or grandchild will have hours of fun on their very own horse that was hand made especially for them.

You might tell yourself that in order to build a rocking horse for kids you need to be experienced in the field of woodworking and to a certain extent this is true. But what better way to learn than to know that the end result will bring so much joy. If you have ever considered working with wood, this is a great time to start. Purchase your rocking horse plans and get ready.

There is some thought and preparation that needs to be put into your own initial rocking horse plans. What type of wood will you need and what type of tools are used? You probably have most of the basic tools to get started just from making normal repairs around the house. If you are serious about taking up woodworking as a hobby or even a part time job, the investment in the rest will soon be returned.

Some of the basic tools you will need are a hammer or a finish nail gun, a sander and sandpaper and a saw. You could probably get away with a handsaw but you really need to advance to bigger and better saws if you are considering woodworking as a hobby. A table saw, jigsaw and miter saw work quite well when working with hard or soft wood. This is another consideration in deciding if you want your project to be handed down through generations or if your horse will be short lived. You have probably already answered your own question.

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