By Julie Chrisler

Many people look for a vintage rocking horse when they decide to purchase a rocking horse. Some people are serious rocking horse collectors, and some people are attracted to the mystic and romance of an older rocking horse, while others are recapturing old memories.

Some people may be looking for a vintage rocking horse to give their grandchildren or children for a gift. In this case you must always make sure the horse you buy is safe to ride and not just looking good. Find this out by talking with the owner of the horse that you are thinking of purchasing before you make your purchase.

You can purchase vintage rocking horses from a flea market or a yard sale if you are lucky enough to find one. Or you can search the keyword on the Internet and you will find many shops selling vintage rocking horses. Most of the rocking horses that you will find in these online shops are what I consider to be antique or collectors items and tend to be rather pricey. If you are a serious collector however; it may well be worth your time to browse through these websites to see if there is something you might like to add to your collection.

If you are looking for a vintage rocking horse in the lower price range, you can try searching eBay or looking in Craigslist or other such auction and classified sites for them. You might be surprised at how many you will find.

A problem you may have to confront is just what does the word “vintage” mean really? This word is well defined when speaking of wine, however when speaking of something other than food it is not so clear. When it comes to rocking horses the word vintage seems to be rather subjective. It depends on who is selling the horse and where the horse is being sold as to whether it is called vintage.

For example, on eBay if the seller is older, vintage probably means in the 1940’s-’50s. If the seller is younger the vintage can mean in the 1960’s or even possibly the 1990’s. One man’s vintage is another man’s antique depending on the age of the seller.

Personally, I don’t consider the 1990’s vintage, and even the 1980’s is stretching it a lot.

If you decide that a vintage rocking horse is not what you are looking for after all, never fear. There is a plethora of websites offering up the full range of what is available in new rocking horses today. They are priced very reasonably as well.

Once you have purchased your rocking horse, make sure that children under 4 do not ride it unsupervised. You will want the children to have a safe ride and to have fun.

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