These days, it seems like superheroes are everywhere you look. From movies to books to video games to costumes, everywhere you turn there’s one superhero or another. Personally, we can’t blame anyone for being excited about it. Who doesn’t like to imagine what it would be like to fly through the air, walk through walls, or take down the bad guys? Whether your favorite superhero is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Thor or Spider-Man, it’s easy to throw a fantastic superhero party for you or for your kid. Below are some tips to help your guests feel truly super!


Your invitation sets the tone for your party as soon as your guests receive it. Whether you’re sending physical invites or digital ones, you can still send an invitation that will make your guests super excited to attend your party. Choose your favorite superhero or superhero team to feature on your invite and see what you can come up with. When you’re creating your invite yourself, you can use a free comic book font found online to really incorporate the theme into your invitation. That combined with a great image of the superhero of your choice should be plenty to get your guests excited to get their superhero on.


When it comes to decorations for a superhero themed party, the sky is the limit…literally. If you or your child’s favorite superhero happens to be one that flies through the air, why not decorate the walls and ceiling as though they’re a blue sky with fluffy white clouds? You can find large rolls of flat paper online or possibly at craft stores. Cover the walls with sky blue flat paper, then make clouds cut out of white paper or put together out of cotton. Then all you need is a large cut-out of your favorite flying superhero to make the scene complete.

Of course, every superhero you can think of comes with a natural set of decorations related to them. If you love The Hulk, you’ll probably want a very green set of decorations. If it’s Wonder Woman you love, yellow, red, and blue with a big W are your colors. Decorations for a team of superheroes can be great as well, since you have a variety to draw from.

For an X-Men themed party, you could go with their traditional blue, red, and yellow colors or the newer black and yellow theme. With either color scheme, I would be sure to incorporate plenty of the iconic “X” logo into my decorations. Then, throughout the party you could have cutouts or images of any of the X-Men team members.

One of our favorite current party trends is the photo booth, complete with props. Any superhero or comic themed party gives a fantastic opportunity for a fun photo booth: make comic-style speech bubbles out of a white board surface so your guests can write their own thoughts for the photo. Have a Wonder Woman tiara, Wolverine claws, Thor hammer, and Superman cape ready to go. Then your guests are free to grab some props, have a good time, and take a few photos.

If you’re a fan of a variety of superheroes, a great way to incorporate more of them is to create a different theme for each table. Your guests can sit at the Wolverine Table, the Iron Man Table, or the Captain America Table. You can have different color schemes and themed place settings for each table as well.

Treats & Cocktails

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, chances are there’s a kind of candy that you absolutely love. With the bright colors of candy and packaging, it’s easy to put together a treat bar in the colors of your superhero theme that will be sure to delight your guests.

For drinks, choose a few of your favorite cocktails and make them fit your theme. If you love margaritas and you’re throwing an X-Men party, mix up some Magneto Margaritas. Serve your drinks in beakers or scientific flasks to make your cocktails look like true concoctions.

A red, white and blue shot can easily be labeled the “Captain America Shooter” and will certainly be a hit with your guests. Or you can go for “The Flash Shot” complete with a lemon zest lightning bolt.

Use pages from comic books to create cones you can serve snacks in, whether they’re candy, chips or French fries. With French fry cones, you can have a variety of dipping sauces to choose from. Come up with fun themed names like Captain’s Ketchup or Galactic BBQ Sauce. Then guests can snack as they enjoy the party.


What superhero themed party would be complete without a fantastic costume? Tell your guests to come dressed up as their favorite superhero and don’t forget to wear a costume of your own! You may be surprised at the variety of options they turn up in. Of course you’ll always get someone in a Superman costume or a Wonder Woman costume, but maybe someone with a bit of imagination will turn up as Quailman. Have a costume contest, in which the winner gets a prize pack of goodies related to your favorite superhero.

If you don’t want your guests to turn up in costume, you can make costume pieces part of the activity of the evening. Pick up a pack of simple colored masks, capes, or Wonder Woman crowns and provide your guests with supplies to decorate them however they wish. They may not show up in costume, but they’ll leave feeling like they might just be able to fly home!

As with preparing for any party, the main thing to remember is to have fun with it! Chances are, what you think will be a great time your guests will enjoy as well. With a theme as fun as your favorite superhero, it’s certainly difficult to miss. So put on your mask, don a cape and get ready to take down evildoers everywhere.

Anika Guldstrand is a staff writer for, where you can get a wide variety of superhero costumes for men, women and kids.