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3 Tips to Preventing Obesity in Kids

Whether we would like to admit it or not, obesity rates among Americans today stands at a whopping 33%. Furthermore, two out of every three Americans are overweight. These rates have been climbing up steadily over the last several years, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Parents are making progressively more unhealthy food […]

Working from Home with Kids Survival Guide

Work At Home Moms or WAHM have become common in this era. Almost every other mom is working from home. However, this becomes very challenging and tiring. At times, moms get to a point where they cannot achieve their targets while working from home. Here is a survival guide on what mothers working from home […]

Exercise Ideas for Children

With spring just on the horizon, there is no better time to start encouraging your child to get active and get fit. Whether your child prefers indoor or outdoor sports, there are plenty of activities for your child to get involved in this spring. With health experts becoming increasingly concerned about the number of children […]

8 Great Lessons from My Single Mom

Every now and then I take a moment to inventory the athletic trophies of my youth, literary awards for the novels I penned and yes I also deliberate over the scars I’ve earned along the way.  Oddly enough, many of the techniques we use to deal with what life throws at us can be traced […]

5 Skills Children Need to Start School

Young children face many challenges when they begin school, including learning to work alongside new friends, navigate in a new environment, and take instruction from unfamiliar adults. For a young child who is unprepared, starting school can be a very stressful situation. As parents, we have the opportunity to give our children experiences that will […]

How Your Parenting Style Can Damage Your Child’s Chances of Happiness

Parenting styles play an important role when it comes to the future happiness of a child. The manner in which a parent interacts with a child will have influence over their character, self-confidence and positioning in society. Many parents unwittingly make mistakes that may damage a child’s chance of happiness. Here are some tips on […]

Tips For Parents Raising A Child In A Foreign Culture

For any person, raising kids is probably the biggest challenge they’ll ever face in their lives. When you raise kids in a foreign culture, the challenge grows multifold. Expats find themselves constantly battling with challenging situations while raising their kids. Your kids will feel rootless; they may feel that they don’t belong anywhere. They’ll feel […]

TV and Children Behavioral Problems

It has been studied and argued that too much television viewing can be harmful to children. It is contributing to childhood obesity and violence. Too much television can also cause behavioral problems in children. A large part of the problem isn’t the television itself; it’s what the children aren’t doing because the television is on. […]

How To Prepare Your Kids for Boarding School

One of the toughest events in a child’s life is going from a traditional school to a boarding school. It can be challenging simply because the rules, attire and overall atmosphere are or can be totally different. It takes a lot of preparation for a child to feel fully comfortable when transitioning into a boarding […]

15 Parenting Tips for Single Parents

It can be difficult adjusting to life after a divorce. This is especially true if there are children involved.  Single parenting is without a doubt more challenging that having both you and your spouse sharing the responsibility of raising children.  The following are 15 parenting tips to help you be the absolute best single parent […]

8 Tips for Parents Who Have Shy Children

Do you have shy children?  Chances are that at least one of your children falls into the category of  “shy.”  Shy children often struggle making friends and participating in enjoyable activities.  This can leave you, as a parent, wondering if your child will ever be “normal.”  The following are a few ways in which you […]

8 Common Challenges of SAHM Parenting

Many have the misconception that SAHM parenting is a bed of roses.  Boy do they ever have it wrong! Being a stay at home mom can be a real challenge. Dealing with the kids all day, cooking, and cleaning IS a job.  It may not pay the bills but it takes time, energy, and effort.  […]

Teaching Kids How to Fight Fair

“Communications” was a required course my freshman year in College.  I wish I had been given this course in elementary school!  It taught listening skills and the rules for fighting fair.  I had never heard of such a thing.  In my family, we just fought.  Anything that came to mind flung out of our mouths […]

Product Review: Mommy Bear with Womb Sound

A lot of new mothers struggle to get their little one to sleep, particularly as they start growing and becoming more curious about the world around them. Thankfully, this wonderful new product is both functional as a sleep aid and a cute toy, which combines the soothing sounds of the womb with a cuddly teddy […]

Out of Balance? Be a Bounce Back Person

An Interview with Judy H. Wright, Empowerment Coach and author of Out of Balance? Be a Bounce Back Person Welcome Judy, can you tell us why you decided to write this particular book? Tweet admin