A lot of new mothers struggle to get their little one to sleep, particularly as they start growing and becoming more curious about the world around them. Thankfully, this wonderful new product is both functional as a sleep aid and a cute toy, which combines the soothing sounds of the womb with a cuddly teddy bear.

This adorable cuddly bear, which is soft, fluffy, and completely child safe, is an absolute godsend for mothers struggling to get their children down to bed at night. The toy works on the premise that babies have memory of their senses within the womb. The baby can remember the comfort and feeling of safety within the womb, as well as the sounds that they experienced during the pregnancy.

The toy aims to recreate these sounds, thus leading to a feeling of safety and security which will prompt the baby to rest. The sounds are reproduced by a constant loop of sound which is played back via a small device within the bear. The bear itself may be held and cuddled by older children, but for mothers worried about larger toys and choking hazards within the crib, the bear comes with straps that allow you to easily tie the bear on to the edges of the cot – out of reach of prying fingers but still close enough to emit the comforting womb sounds. This ‘gentle sleep’ feature allows you to set the volume of the womb sounds so that baby can drift gently into sleep.

The amazing womb sounds are actually recordings from in the womb, which guarantees that they are authentic. These gentle rhythmic sounds will remind baby of the comfort of the womb and make the new world that your baby finds themselves in a lot less scary. All babies struggle to come to terms with their new surroundings, and having a fluffy friend to help them sleep is an ideal that modern mums are now blessed with.

All in all this is a fantastic product that is a must for any mother, particularly those who struggle to get their baby into regular, comfortable street. The combination of functionality and appearance are top notch. Soothing, affordable, useful and tasteful, this is a product that is highly recommended by experts and mothers alike. It gets a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Available through Babies R Us online.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is a mother of two and a huge art fan.