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Frugal Baby Shower Ideas

It seems thrift is going to be with everyone for quite some time, and if there’s a solid way to save a little cash these days, finding it is an absolute must. Nowhere is that more true than when you’re trying to throw a party like a baby shower and stay on budget. Fortunately, there […]

New Mother Anxiety – It’s A-OK

Are you a new mom in the first few weeks of being a mother?  If so, the carefree days of picking out the cutest baby shower invitations, buying and preparing for your newborn baby, and overall excitement and anticipation probably seem light years away.  I cannot stress how common it is for many new mothers […]

Product Review: Mommy Bear with Womb Sound

A lot of new mothers struggle to get their little one to sleep, particularly as they start growing and becoming more curious about the world around them. Thankfully, this wonderful new product is both functional as a sleep aid and a cute toy, which combines the soothing sounds of the womb with a cuddly teddy […]

Shower the Newborn with Great Baby Shower Gifts

It is an honor to be invited to a baby shower. You are invited to celebrate a brand new life with your friends and family. The last thing you want to do is worry about what type of present to bring. Here is where this article comes in. You will find a lot of great […]