If you have just had a new child, or if you are expecting, as well as feeling physically exhausted, you probably have a hundred and one different questions buzzing around in your head about your pregnancy, giving birth, looking after your child etc.

So here in this friendly post I am going to help by answering what I think are the top 3 questions on the minds of most new mothers. I hope at least one of them is relevant and helpful for you!

1: Does my baby need shots?

Well yes and no. Technically you don’t have to give your baby vaccinations, and quite understandably many mothers don’t necessarily want to get shots for their new born. There’s no denying that it can be a traumatic experience, and no mother wants to see their child in pain.

However, I would personally never recommend not getting shots. Firstly, the actual pain to your child is minimal, and you can hold and support your child during the jab and make sure they are distracted. It is worth noting though; these shots are helping to protect your child from diseases that are far worse than the minimal pain of the shot itself.

2: My baby has [insert symptom] should I go to the doctor?

Well firstly, I can’t answer that in mass. It is perfectly natural as a new parent to panic, over-react and become a complete hypochondriac for your child. You might well find yourself worrying about every sniff and sneeze.

This is perfectly natural though, nothing matters more than the health and well-being of your child. So whilst you should always try to be level headed, if you think your child might need medical attention you should never hesitate to give your pediatrician a call.

3: Should I breastfeed?

This isn’t a simple question to answer by any stretch. Some women feel one way about it and others strongly disagree. Really this can only ever be a personal choice. However, from the point of view of your child there are some things that can’t be disputed:

Your natural milk contains important antibodies that help your child to stay healthy and strong. These are things that you cannot get from formula, and if you don’t breastfeed your child will miss out.

Of course breast feeding is also a lot cheaper, and some would argue more convenient too. So not only is it good for your baby but also for your wallet.


Well I hope that has given you some helpful information. I’m sure you still have plenty more questions, but these are some of the most popular questions that new moms have. Thanks for reading!

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