Everybody showers the baby with love and presents (from wooden animal toys and children’s rocking horses to teddy bears and cute and fussy outfits) and, more often than not, the mother who gave birth feels left behind or overlooked. Don’t let the expectant mother in your life feel unappreciated. Here are some great gifts that you can give her both before and after she gives birth.

Yes, the baby is the most important gift. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still shower an expectant mom with loot, too!

1. Onesies

The onesie is the most useful piece of clothing a baby can have – it keeps them covered without Mom having to worry about baby overheating and allows super easy access for diaper changes. Babies go through dozens (if not hundreds) of onesies by the time they’ve grown into toddlerhood. The more onesies you can give to Mom, the easier her shopping is going to be. You might even consider decorating a few of them, just for fun (and potential keepsake purposes).

2. Diapers

This is mostly about time and budget savings. If the expectant mom in your life is determined not to use disposable diapers (and many prefer cloth), hook her up with and pay for a few months from a diaper service for her. It’ll cut down on her laundry, save her money, and keep her supplied with diapers when the last thing she wants to think about is running to the store.

3. Cooked Meals

The later into her pregnancy she gets, and for the first few weeks after the baby is born (especially if this is her first), the last thing Mom wants to think about is cooking. Everything kind of falls into chaos during those last/first weeks. Ordering prepared meals to be delivered to her can be a huge lifesaver both for her and her partner. Most meal services allow you to order a week’s worth of meals at a time. Some will even let you choose from a menu!

4. Tummy Soothers

Hopefully the expectant mom in your life won’t have terrible morning sickness. Even if she gets over it by her second trimester, the heartburn that shows up near the third trimester doesn’t ever quite go away. Stock your expectant mom up with lots of tummy-soothing snacks: crackers, peppermint teas, and things made with ginger or lemon.

5. Foot Massager

Pregnant women’s feet swell quite a lot, especially toward the end of term. While the swelling goes down after she gives birth, Mom’s feet will still get sore from pacing around with a new baby. A foot massager can help her feet feel much better (and it gives her an excuse to sit down and rest for a few minutes).

6. Flushable Moist Wipes

This probably seems far too utilitarian to be a real gift, but trust us. These flushable wipes are great for so many things, and since they’re biodegradable and flushable, your expectant mom doesn’t have to worry about having to take out lots of loads of trash each day. From refreshing her face to serving as an ad hoc baby wipe at diaper-changing time, these wipes are a must-have for any house with an expectant mom or a newborn, and Mom will appreciate that she doesn’t have to buy them herself.

Comfortable and presentable? Yes, please!

7. Comfortable Loungewear

The closer she gets to giving birth, and during those first few months of her baby’s life outside the womb, all your expectant mom is going to want is to be comfortable. Find her some comfortable but still stylish (and machine washable) loungewear so she can feel soft and cozy but still fit to leave the house if she needs to.

8. Jewelry

There are lots of great artists out there who create jewelry specifically for expectant moms. Take a stroll through your local craft fair or independent art shops (don’t worry, most vendors take mobile payments now, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand) and find something pretty for her to wear. She can’t control what’s happening to her body, but she can control her accessories.

Bonus points for jewelry that incorporates symbolism for her new baby or the family she’s building (gemstone necklaces that you can easily add more stones to as more children come into the picture, for example).

9. Professional Photos – Prenatal and with New Baby

New parents are notorious for taking a zillion snapshots of the brand-new baby. Most expectant mothers, though, forget to document their bodies throughout their pregnancies. Pregnancy family portraits are a new “big” thing that you can give her to help her remember how she looked when she was pregnant. For bonus points, add a newborn portrait session to the package so she can have some professional portraits taken of her newborn.

10. Bath and Body Kits

Getting Mom some natural body oils, body washes, pretty-smelling shampoos, and organic skincare products can help her feel like a million bucks – even when her hormones are wreaking havoc on her skin and body. She’ll appreciate the chance to pamper herself both before she has the baby and after – when she just needs a break for a while and escapes to take a bath!

Have I missed anything? What gifts do you wish you had been given when you were expecting? Did you have a particular set of wooden animal toys in mind? Are you worried about being able to afford your children’s rocking horse or crib? Let us know!

Erin Steiner is a freelance writer from Portland, Oregon. She covers a variety of topics and her work has been featured all over the web.