Being a new mom is a massively costly affair. The lists of vitals you’ll need to buy are endless and that’s before you get to the purchases of extravagance which you’d like for your arrival. So, here are some top tips which will help you save on the damage to your bank account.

First, never underestimate the milk of human kindness. People fall over themselves to help out new moms. Once that bump begins to rise, floods of offers roll in, ‘ Would you like a baby bath? You can borrow my Jumperoo if you like? I’ve got a changing station if you’d like it?’ and so the list goes on. Don’t buy these items until much later into your pregnancy. People like to offer once the bump is there as they know it’s a ‘safe’ time to ask. You’re past the 12 week danger period. If you haven’t been offered free baby stuff by 7 months, then you’ll probably need to get them yourself.

A fantastic website is freecycle and you can find everything on there from strollers to baby wipes. These items are posted by region and are totally free! There’s no catch. It’s simply the case that average people refuse to throw away unwanted quality goods and so offer them up for free. Be aware you have to pick up from the owners address and have the means to transport any larger items you accept. On this site you can also post any items you really want or need. So, if you like, you could create a wish list and hopefully many of the items will be all under one roof.

A free App Yowza!! inform you of any special offers in your area. You have to check it each and every day though as often the offers are for a very restricted time period.

Stock up on diapers and wipes now! If there’s an offer on these items; buy up the stock. You will need it and it will be an investment in the long run. Many mothers are savvy in this area after the first few weeks and hate to pay full price for a pack of diapers. Remember a new-born can go through up to 12 diapers a day! Pampers baby wipes are good quality but they’re not worth the full price although they are better than cheaper brands. If you can’t get them BOGO then buy the supermarkets own brands.

A new mom hates to think of their new-born in second-hand clothes but truthfully, all they do is puke and soil them (their poop is quite interesting and can often stain if leaks occur…and they do) so go for the cost effective and cheaper option and buy second hand or better still, get some free samples wherever you can.

These are just some top tips which a new mom can use to cut corners. With a little inventive thinking, a new-born doesn’t have to be the staggering money pit you imagine so calm down and take each day as it comes.