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The Top 5 Places to Meet Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World

One of the best parts of a Disney vacation is meeting the main mouse himself—but Mickey can be hard to find if you don’t know where (and when) to look. Walt Disney World offers several different ways that you can meet Mickey, so you can choose the location that best suits your schedule—or visit them […]

Take The Kids Out To The Ballpark Tips

Remember when your Dad took you to the ballpark for the first time? How in awe you were at the size of the stadium, the smell of the hot dogs, and the volume of the crowd? How you had to adjust to not hearing an announcer tell you what was happening? Seeing your favorite team […]

Family Travel Safety Tips for Your Spring Break Vacation

If you’re counting down the days until your spring break, you’re definitely not alone. Vacation is a wonderful time to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries; it’s also the perfect opportunity to bond as a family. In the US, travel has become more than just a hobby. It’s a nationwide passion. According to the US […]

4 Family Vacation Ideas on a Tight Budget

Big or small, family vacations are a staple for most families. And for good reason! If your family took trips while you were growing up, you’ll understand the importance of this unique time. Family life is hectic and running from work, to school, to soccer practice, to music lessons, and more, can really be a […]

Best Rides for Toddlers at Disney World and Disneyland

Many families want to experience the best vacation possible with their young children. In order to do this, many families want to find child-friendly locations. One fabulous destination idea for your next family vacation is Florida or California. Both of these states offer fantastic weather all year round and amazing theme parks, such as Disneyland […]

20 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy While Traveling

Traveling with kids can be the most rewarding, fun and enlightening experience of your life. Or, it can be the most hair-pulling, frustrating and maddening time of your life. It all depends on how well your kids adjust to the travel and how happy you can keep them. Here are 20 creative ways to keep […]