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Make Your Own Baby Food the Easy Way

Reading food labels is becoming an increasingly complicated endeavor. Half the ingredients read like a foreign tongue and could make a spelling bee champion’s cranium implode. In truth, most people have no idea what they are eating on a regular basis.

If you want to avoid subjecting your baby to meals concocted in some far-off chemistry lab, you may wish to make your own baby food at home. Yes, preparing healthy, additive-free meals for your little one is easier than you may think.

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Home Schooling and Working from Home

So, you’ve been dreaming of doing it all – being the best mother, a doting wife, a home-based entrepreneur, and an excellent home school teacher – and everyone says you’re crazy. “It can’t be done,” they say, shaking their heads vehemently. Don’t give up hope. You can have it all – and without winding up a drooling, babbling loon hunched up in the corner of the room.

Here are a few important steps to help you teach and work from home simultaneously.

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7 Activities to Use to Introduce Your New Nanny/Babysitter to Your Kids

Most kids are normally apprehensive about meeting new people – especially if those people are adults. This is why it is so important to facilitate at least one meeting with a new nanny or babysitter before you leave your child alone with her (or him). This extra time helps your child learn that, since you trust this new person, he should trust this new person; it also helps your little one get used to the idea that you and he are going to be separated sometimes. The more your kids trust this new caretaker, the easier it will be for them to work through their separation anxiety.

This bond takes time! But you can help it along.

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Should You Consider Adopting a Child?

There are lots of arguments to be made for adopting children, but the only person who can truly decide if adoption is right for your family is you. Moreover, the decision should not be made lightly. Deciding to bring a child into your home is a noble idea to be sure, but not every would-be parent is up to or cut out for it.

Not so fast! You have some thinking to do.

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Top 10 Crafting Supplies Every Parent Should Have

Every parent wants to have a well-stocked arts and crafts cabinet. The goal is an understandable and even noble one. Who doesn’t want to be able to help their kids do whatever craft project they dream up? If you aren’t careful, though, you’ll go overboard in the craft supply stores, and even though your cabinet gets packed, it won’t be packed with supplies that are actually useful.

So much fun stuff! But what’s the most important?

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Montessori Education: What’s the Big Deal?

For the vast majority of American kids, their entire school experience will be determined by their age and neighborhood. Children of the same age and from the same place are carted off in buses to centralized buildings where they shuffle from classroom to classroom in 45-minute blocks throughout the day. A one-size-fits-all lesson plan will be dictated to them, irrespective of their individual minds, desires, needs, histories, and talents.

Some parents seeking to avoid this cookie-cutter eduction do so by enrolling their kids in private schools. Others choose homeschooling. But for thousands of American families, the Montessori education method is the alternative that brings the best out in their child.

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10 Baby Gifts Any Expecting Mother Would Love!

Everybody showers the baby with love and presents (from wooden animal toys and children’s rocking horses to teddy bears and cute and fussy outfits) and, more often than not, the mother who gave birth feels left behind or overlooked. Don’t let the expectant mother in your life feel unappreciated. Here are some great gifts that you can give her both before and after she gives birth.

Yes, the baby is the most important gift. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still shower an expectant mom with loot, too!

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Everyone Talks About Maternal Instinct…What About Paternal Instinct?

Moms get all the credit, and maybe they should – or at least most of it. When it comes to making children, they do most of the work. For the better part of a year, an expecting mother has a soccer game going on inside of her belly. It’s uncomfortable, painful, exhausting – and they don’t even let you drink while you’re going through it.

The tradeoff is something called maternal instinct – a biologically driven, internal connection that a mother has with her baby. It’s strong, it’s undeniable, and it can’t be defined or explained. Every human being who has ever lived had a belly button, which was once attached to a cord that literally linked them to their mother – the physical embodiment of the most intimate bond in the world.

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Exploring Foster Adoption and Other Ways to Become Adoptive Parents

The adoption process has evolved tremendously over the years, giving those who wish to become parents more options in which to do so, thus creating better chances for children who need to find a loving home. Whether prospective adoptive parents are interested in domestic, international or foster adoption, they can now turn to several different resources to assist them through the steps of adoption and help them find a child that will be the perfect addition to their family. There are three main types of adoption, and by reaching out to local child welfare agencies, private adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, etc. hopeful parents will be able to learn more about each and then decide which opportunity is the best for them to pursue. Exploring Foster Adoption and Other Ways to Become Adoptive Parents continued »

Five Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

baby-sleepingIf your baby or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night, the first thing you should know is… you’re not alone!

Studies show that up to 30% of babies have sleep problems, and that 75% of parents would like to change their babies’ sleep habits.

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Pointers for Encouraging Your Kids to Read

You’ve worked hard to instill a love of books and reading in your kids. You read to them while they were babies and toddlers. You take them to the library regularly. They’re reaching that age where they are finally old enough to read on their own and suddenly, now that they have to do it themselves, getting your kids to read is like pulling teeth. What do you do?


You can’t force this feeling!

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9 Must-Have Items for New Parents

When a baby’s on the way, the number of products to invest in can seem overwhelming, particularly for first-time parents. It’s no surprise to you that you’ll need a crib, car seat, and probably some baby toys. But there are a number of items that beginner parents might never think of – until the baby is here, and it’s deemed necessary.

Stock up beforehand, whether by registering for these items for your baby shower or taking a trip to your local baby and kids’ store, so you’re ready to tackle parenthood as soon as your bundle of joy comes home from the hospital.

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Merry Go Round At Zoo Atlanta



The Nabisco Endangered Species Carousel takes zoo guests for a whimsical spin upon 38 hand-carved wooden animal figures. The ride also features a series of hand-painted murals depicting endangered mothers and babies in their natural habitats. The carousel is located in the Children’s Zoo, and is housed under a colorful pavilion that protects it from the sun and rain. Merry Go Round At Zoo Atlanta continued »

Four Lucky Leaves Review

readingbookOur daughter’s new favorite book, “Where’s my clover reaver book?” She just turned four and doesn’t quite remember the title of her book.

The illustrations on every page bring the main character, a four leaf clover, to life.

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12 Kid’s Room Christmas Decoration Ideas

christmas-treeEmbellishing your house on the bountiful eve of Christmas is overwhelming pleasure. You need every room to be well arranged with an innovative Christmas theme. Doing Christmas arrangements in your tween’s room could be a little problematic if your kids don’t like it. It’s better to practice do-it-yourself ideas for more tailored stuff correlated to your kid’s personal craze. Bundle of items can be crafted to decorate your tot’s chamber.

  • Easy-peasy Christmas colorful, shiny, textured paper wreaths are speedy to make and your kid will love his beloved Christmas character name on it.
  • If your child is a pet-lover and crazy about little birdies, cut a tree branch and fix it in a plastic pot filled with foam, stick a tiny vintage bird collection and a few charming deer to celebrate the holidays
  • Your baby is bored of typical Christmas tree décor? Use sock monkeys to hang upon his/her Christmas tree as a perfect trifles
  • Hand-prints of your kid on paper cards can be a lovely addition on small Christmas tree ornaments
  • An astonishing advent tree formed with small glossy gift boxes is a wondrous ornament for your kids room
  • Colorful magazine or story book pages twisted in a cone shape can form exquisite wreaths to hang on the door
  • Handmade wide garland with little festive cards engraved with Christmas words or your child’s name will be amusing for him/her
  • Decorate your daughter’s room full of her favorite dolls that will make her crazy with excitement
  • Carve out a lengthy garland with tiny paper pieces joined with sewing thread will be handy and easy to make
  • Paint a corner of your tween’s room with magnificent gift boxes to let her/him enjoy the temptation of Christmas gifts
  • Place a small Christmas tree in their room and let them decorate it with their own creativity
  • Christmas cards are a brilliant item to hang on a wall as Christmas trimming

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