readingbookOur daughter’s new favorite book, “Where’s my clover reaver book?” She just turned four and doesn’t quite remember the title of her book.

The illustrations on every page bring the main character, a four leaf clover, to life.

You might think, oh what a lucky guy – he’s a four leaf clover. But to him, he doesn’t fit in because he’s so different from all the three leaf clovers – and some of those three leafer’s can be mean because he’s different.

“A four-leaf clover in a world of threes sometimes felt lonely, left out in the breeze.” Yes, every page rhymes.

Can you see where this story is going?

I won’t spoil it for you, but it does have a great message for kids and a warm, feel good ending. It’s the right length for children and teaches kids to be kind to those who are different.

My four year old loves the book and I’m guessing your’s will too.

It’s a paperback book available through Tate Publishing. Learn more and buy one here.


The author sent us a copy of her book hoping we would review it; and we did.