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Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Reading

Just as the internet has opened up a whole new, unprecedentedly vast world of information to us, some other trends have made it unfashionable to read. People have grown allergic to anything longer than a couple of sentences. New tech is moving away from text and towards icons that make many of us think we […]

Tips For Parents to Boost Your Child’s Brain Activity

Spending time with your kids and participating in their play time can turn into something more than quality fun. With careful nudges and motivating games, parents can do a lot when it comes to training their children’s brains and influencing their social, logical and creative development. Talk to your child Tweet Tracey Clayton

Pointers for Encouraging Your Kids to Read

You’ve worked hard to instill a love of books and reading in your kids. You read to them while they were babies and toddlers. You take them to the library regularly. They’re reaching that age where they are finally old enough to read on their own and suddenly, now that they have to do it […]

Out of the Mouths of Babies: 4 Children’s Books That Teach You Something

Remember how fun reading was as a kid? You would beg your parents to read just one more book before you went to bed. You wished so bad that you could read the books yourself. Now that you can read all by yourself, those books seem childish. What is the point in reading them again? […]

Last-Minute Summer Reading Guide for Kids

If the summer has slipped by and there’s been no summer reading, don’t worry! These helpful tips make it easy for you and your kids to begin a reading program and help get them ready for school. Play with Words Tweet admin