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Tips For Parents to Boost Your Child’s Brain Activity

Spending time with your kids and participating in their play time can turn into something more than quality fun. With careful nudges and motivating games, parents can do a lot when it comes to training their children’s brains and influencing their social, logical and creative development. Talk to your child Tweet Tracey Clayton

Children’s Toys Can Influence Their Career Choices

Childhood was the time when playing and going to school were everything. That moment when the bell rang signaling the end of school and allowed us to go play was priceless. Each friend contributed their bit – a race car, a Barbie, Playmobil, a set of tools, etc. Who does not remember their favorite toy? […]

5 Magical Benefits of Educational Toy Play

Children learn about the world around them through experience from a very young age. They listen, observe, remember and imitate others, but it is also important for them to play with different toys. Give them one, and just watch the magic happen. Muscle exercises Tweet admin

Home Schooling and Working from Home

So, you’ve been dreaming of doing it all – being the best mother, a doting wife, a home-based entrepreneur, and an excellent home school teacher – and everyone says you’re crazy. “It can’t be done,” they say, shaking their heads vehemently. Don’t give up hope. You can have it all – and without winding up […]

Montessori Education: What’s the Big Deal?

For the vast majority of American kids, their entire school experience will be determined by their age and neighborhood. Children of the same age and from the same place are carted off in buses to centralized buildings where they shuffle from classroom to classroom in 45-minute blocks throughout the day. A one-size-fits-all lesson plan will […]

Pointers for Encouraging Your Kids to Read

You’ve worked hard to instill a love of books and reading in your kids. You read to them while they were babies and toddlers. You take them to the library regularly. They’re reaching that age where they are finally old enough to read on their own and suddenly, now that they have to do it […]

Boys, Girls and the Bible: How to Engage Modern Kids with Ancient Messages

Whether you are a professional educator or simply a parent with a passion for the Bible, you can learn how to bring the Bible stories to life for your kids. If you love the Bible and the stories are alive to you, you already have a great foundation to make Bible learning fun and easy […]

5 Things Every Geek Dad Should Teach His Kids

Your geeky passions may not seem like they have much to do with your kids other than sharing your love of movies and books, but geekiness may just be the best parenting tool you have. Being a geek is really just being passionate about something, and that enthusiasm will go a long way to putting […]

Top 3 Websites for Home Schooling Your Children

The Internet provides a wide array of great resources for parents who are homeschooling their children. Many parents are nervous about using these resources at first, afraid they may not be appropriate for their children. However, there are many websites that are very family friendly and great for kids. To learn more about these resources, […]

How to Create Children’s Activities Based on Books

Children love books and they are certainly a fun way to help them learn many different things in life. More than just interesting images and amusing stories, it’s also possible to create educational games and activities based on children’s books. This will make the children excited to get involved and give the parents great ideas […]

7 Ways To Give Your Kids an Early Edge In a Tech World

As technology continues to advance at an alarming pace, it’s not just the traditional old folks who might be cut out of the e-loop, but children who don’t have access to changing technology might be far behind their peers. The term “digital divide” refers to any gap between people who have access to the latest […]

Music to Feed Your Mind

You’ve known forever that music makes your heart go pitty pat, right? Did you know it makes your brain do the same? It’s true. When we hear music with a great beat it’s all but impossible to keep from toe-tapping, finger-rapping, gum-snapping in time to the beat. The thing is, the brain likes to try […]

Virtual Schooling: Could It Be for You?

“Over just the past decade, online learning at the K-12 level has grown from a novelty to a movement.” – National Education Policy System, “Online K-12 Schooling in the U.S.”  October 2011 A movement is right! Recent numbers show 250,000 students were enrolled in full time virtual school programs last year. That’s a paltry percentage […]

Are You a Procrastinator When it Comes to Procreation?

The down economy is causing some people to delay having kids because they are not financially stable. However, many people are still pushing through the down economy and continuing with their plan to have children. Even if you are financially stable, you may want to consider a few things concerning your budget before you make […]

4 Ways to Make The Kitchen Your Classroom

The kitchen is the most popular classroom in our house. Far more interesting than sitting and working from textbooks, it offers the chance for fun hands-on learning. Every recipe is a cross-curriculum adventure. Take, for example, our recent preparation of chicken in paprika sauce. In one recipe, we covered a day’s schoolwork. Tweet admin