The Internet provides a wide array of great resources for parents who are homeschooling their children. Many parents are nervous about using these resources at first, afraid they may not be appropriate for their children. However, there are many websites that are very family friendly and great for kids. To learn more about these resources, read on.

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy provides over 3,500 free online videos to assist with learning a variety of K-12 subjects, as well as college coursework. These great resources help parents teach children concepts that they themselves might not be the most familiar with. The free videos and exercises presented at the Khan Academy allow children and teens to learn things at their own pace. From Algebra to Art History, a wide range of subjects are covered by the experts at the Khan Academy. To view the Khan Academy’s resources, check out their website:

Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School is a public, accredited K-12 resource. It was designed with Florida students in mind, but is accessible by students in many US States, as well as a variety of foreign countries. The courses available through Florida Virtual School are taught by a licensed teacher, completely online. These courses can be completed by students at their own pace. This is another great option for parents to use in order to streamline the home education process, or to inform children about subjects the parents may not enjoy teaching. Many parents find it is easier to enroll their child in an online chemistry class, for example, than to try to teach their child themselves. FLVS courses are very affordable. For more information, look at the FLVS website here:

Scrapbooking Websites

Scrapbooking websites also offer a lot of great information for homeschooling parents. One very effective way of learning is to create a scrapbook about a subject. Scrapbook projects will require a bit of printing, but ink cost shouldn’t be an issue if you refill cartridges, or find a hp promo code to drop the price a bit. Homeschooling scrapbooks also make a great keepsake. This is one of the best homeschooling scrapbook websites around:

If you had to pick one of these resources to help with homeschooling your child, which one would you pick and why?

Mia Smith is a freelance writer who lives in Tallahassee, Florida. She studied English Literature at Florida State University and was homeschooled for part of high school.