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Why Bullies Do What They Do And What Adults Can Do

Bullying is a damaging type of behavior that harms both the victim and the perpetrator. Anyone in any setting may be bullied, but certain children are more at risk than others. These include children with special needs, those perceived as being LGBT, or those who are viewed in some way as different or weaker. Bullying […]

Infant Baptism: A Major Event In A Child’s Life

A baptism is an important milestone in a Christian’s life. Some denominations allow infant and adult baptisms, some don’t, but the odds are that any Christians entering their new lives as parents will have to start planning out their child’s spiritual path as well as their physical path. Tweet admin

5 Reasons School Bullying Is A Growing Problem

School bullying is nothing new. After all, our grandparents even experienced this painful part of childhood. However, since their days of childhood and even our own childhood days, bullying has escalated tremendously. With the rise of technology comes a new way for bullies to terrorize their victims. Tweet admin

Make the Dentist More Fun for Kids

It is a known fact most kids hate the idea of going to the dentist. Between the frightening tools next to the uncomfortable chair and the inability to talk for the entire time, it is typically not their idea of a good time. In fact, it’s not really anyone’s idea of a good time, but […]

Tips to Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Santa

Christmas sure is a magical time and for those who celebrate it; it is also a time full of traditions and expectations.  Most parents want to make that Christmas magic happen for their kids, which often means they want that adorable picture of their child beaming on Santa’s knee.  Once children understand that this jolly […]

How to Have Drama-Free Dinnertime with Kids

For your entertainment tonight, we are featuring a new show called, “Mom, He Kicked My Leg Under the Table,” followed by a re-showing of the classic, “This Food Stinks!”  Enjoy, and watch out for flying food, spilled drinks, and whining children.  Family dinners are wonderful ways to gather together, share details about your day, and […]

Impact of Divorce on Children’s Behavior Problems

The impact on children of divorced/divorcing parents is devastating regardless of age; however, depending on age, the impact and ways of handling the fall-out can and should vary. Despite age, children suffer many stressors upon the divorce of their parents. Children cannot always comprehend how divorce will affect them and how their lives may change, […]

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Many children suck their thumbs; however, most children stop sucking their thumbs by the age of four or five. Often, a child will suck their thumb if they are afraid, nervous or unsure of what is going on. However, if this habit goes on too long, it can lead to speech or dental problems. There […]

Keeping Kids Safe Online

As your child is sitting and typing away on the computer, it can be easy to forget that he or she could be interacting with any number of strangers, many of whom you would never invite into your home. With more schools assigning work that requires time spent online conducting research and kids more eager […]

How To Ensure Your Child’s Birthday Party Is a Day To Remember!

Anyone who’s ever been a parent and is now lucky enough to have children old enough organize their own parties will be reading this with a smug sense of, well, smugness. ‘I certainly am very lucky I don’t have to do this anymore,’ they will be thinking. And how right they are. Organising a child’s […]

Does My Gifted Child Have an Emotional or Social Disorder?

I recently went to a parent teacher conference for my six-year-old son, Cade. His teacher expressed her concern that Cade was having trouble socializing with his peers. She seemed very pleased with his intellectual ability but was very concerned about his social and even emotional skills. I was not entirely surprised to hear this since […]

Top 5 Child Proof Door Locks & Mechanisms

There shouldn’t be mixed emotions when your child takes their first steps around the home, it should be an amazing time for both child and parents. However with the ability to walk comes the want to explore and with exploration comes the inevitable desire to open everything. For the majority of the time opening doors, […]

Two Reasons to Understand Family Law

What is family law?  Family law is a particular branch of the legal field that relates to families, home life, marriage, inheritance, child custody, divorce, and similar subjects.  Cases brought to the attention of a family law firm often encompass many of these subjects, which is why most of these firms will provide an extensive […]

7 Ways To Give Your Kids an Early Edge In a Tech World

As technology continues to advance at an alarming pace, it’s not just the traditional old folks who might be cut out of the e-loop, but children who don’t have access to changing technology might be far behind their peers. The term “digital divide” refers to any gap between people who have access to the latest […]

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Pre Play Date Advice for Parents

Since 1971, a nightly public service announcement has appeared on endless American television screens which poses the question; ‘Do you know where your children are?’ This announcement originated on the ABC-affiliate WKBW-TV network (but has been employed by many channels since its inception) and usually airs at 10 or 11pm, depending on localised youth curfews […]