Everyone knows that they should carry lots of toys, snacks and books for children onto planes. However, there are some other things which can make a huge difference to the comfort levels and ability to cope with the annoyances or problems on flights. Below are the top five things that should be packed in your hand luggage in case you are to fly with kids.


Spare clothes

At a certain point in time on the flight, if you are unlucky, the child will have a leaky diaper, be sick or even spill juice all over him or herself. Even though spare clothes may take up your precious hand luggage space, they will save you from having to spend some good hours of the transatlantic flight with wet clothes.

Plastic carrier bag

After getting your kid or yourself out of the soiled clothes, you will need something to place them into. Cheap super market carrier bags are ideal in situations like these. They are light, roll up small, and have two handles which can be tied tightly together so as to hold the gloppy clothes safely until you get to your destination.

Child Carrier/sling

These are not useful for only small newborns. Take a sling, which you can use to carry your kid all the way to the plane, and there isn’t any airline at the moment which counts it in the total carry-on bag allowance.

The kids are happier in slings than when they are in a buggy as they feel more secure because they are close to you. This also implies that you may carry a trunk in one hand as you use the other hand to hold the hand of the older kid.

A carrier which can be carried on the back or the front is easy to take with you and will be very helpful in instances when the toddler gets tired or very slow for you.


When you are on a flight, there are chances that your kids will fall asleep at some point. Pre-schoolers have more improved chances of falling asleep when their bedtime routine is replicated as much as possible. There isn’t any need to worry about having to change the children until you are through the airport’s worst.

Calpol in sachets

You don’t need to use Calpol as much as the other people. However, there will be times when you find it essential with the small kids. You will be pleased to know that Calpol comes in sachets, that is ready-mixed 5ml sachets which don’t even require you to have a spoon. The sachets are less likely to leak than glass bottles. While going onboard, take along two sachets, just in case your kids need it in mid-flight and also put a few more sachets in the suitcase.

Travel Games

Kids often get mischievous when they get bored. So make sure to entertain them by providing some games. It’ll be very helpful to keep the kids calm on flights.

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