This is the Flying Horse Carousel in Rhode Island, the oldest merry-go-round in the US still in operation.

It was built in 1867 by Charles W.F. Dare and came to the island in 1884. The carousel is a National Historic Landmark. Children (and others) may enjoy a ride from Easter Sunday through Columbus Day. Rides cost just $1 and if you catch the brass ring, you ride for free.

Riders of the Flying Horses Carousel can choose to sit on the inside or outside of the carousel. On both sides, there is a metal casing from which riders can grab small metal rings. As the carousel goes around, riders try to grab as many rings as they can with one hand. Riders then place the rings on a metal rod on top of their horse and attempt to grab more. When the ride is almost over, it is announced that a brass ring will be placed into the casings (one brass ring on each side of the carousel). The person who gets the brass ring at the end of the ride gets to stay on for another free ride.