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Tips For Parents Raising A Child In A Foreign Culture

For any person, raising kids is probably the biggest challenge they’ll ever face in their lives. When you raise kids in a foreign culture, the challenge grows multifold. Expats find themselves constantly battling with challenging situations while raising their kids. Your kids will feel rootless; they may feel that they don’t belong anywhere. They’ll feel […]

What to do if you Weren’t Invited to the Royal Wedding

So you weren’t one of the 1,900 lucky recipients to receive a gilded invitation to the wedding of the century on April 29th…what now? We’ve got a few options for you, some less felonious than others, but no matter which route you choose you’re sure to have a smashing good time. Well, as smashing a […]

Why Your Autism Spectrum Child Needs a Rocking Horse – Vestibular Stimulation and the Autism Spectrum

One of the major problem areas for our son with Aspergers is his need for vestibular stimulation.  From the time that Z could locomote, life has been a significant challenge for us because he would spend most of his time running around the house at top speed, banging into the walls, falling on the ground […]

How to Make Preschool Drop-Off Seamless as Possible

On Sawyer’s first day of preschool, he hung his backpack in his cubby, hugged me around my waist, and nuzzled his cheek beneath my rib. “Goodbye Mama,” he said. I patted his back. We separated. I waved, hot from withholding tears. I’d been so focused on preparing him for school that I neglected my own […]

TV and Children Behavioral Problems

It has been studied and argued that too much television viewing can be harmful to children. It is contributing to childhood obesity and violence. Too much television can also cause behavioral problems in children. A large part of the problem isn’t the television itself; it’s what the children aren’t doing because the television is on. […]

The ABCs of Organizing Kids for Back to School

The transition from summer to school can be chaotic and disorganized, but it doesn’t need to be. These simple tips will help you and your kids organize for a new back to school schedule. A is for Avoiding Distractions Tweet Guest Author

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Decor

Whether you are a design guru or someone moving into your first apartment, there are many ways to really make a house a home. From buying living room sets to choosing carpeting, here are a few tips to making your living space more homely: 1. Lamps and Accessories- If you are very casual about interior […]

3 Healthy Food Ideas for Kid's Lunches

Kids may not readily believe it, but the lunches they make and take to school can be nutritious and fun. These simple tips will help your children stay healthy while enjoying their lunches during each school day. Ideal Ingredients for a Healthy Lunch Tweet Guest Author

Five Important Summer Tasks to Finish With Kids

Summer is a great time to spend with kids, away from the hustle and bustle of the school year. Even though the schedule is more relaxed, there are five important tasks that need to be considered during these warm, sunny days. A Summer Schedule Tweet Guest Author

4 Family Vacation Ideas on a Tight Budget

Big or small, family vacations are a staple for most families. And for good reason! If your family took trips while you were growing up, you’ll understand the importance of this unique time. Family life is hectic and running from work, to school, to soccer practice, to music lessons, and more, can really be a […]

Breastfeeding Diet for a Vegetarian

According to research, breast-fed babies make fewer trips to the doctor, especially during the first six months of life, than their bottle-fed counterparts. There are five main advantages of breast feeding: Mother’s milk contains potent levels of fatty acids which are believed to play a significant role in the growth and development of the infant’s […]

Choosing the Right Stuff for Your Little Bundle

Going to a baby store for the first time parent is much like going to the amusement park. It is scary, overwhelming, loud, and flashy.  There is so much to choose from and some things are just more attractive than others…but will they disappoint?  Where to begin? And do you have enough money for everything? […]