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Four Lucky Leaves – Children’s Book On Being Bullied

Four Lucky Leaves By K.D. Brown Tweet admin

Children’s Books That Changed Our Lives as Adults

Do your friends bring back porcelain pig souvenirs for you from their family vacations? Is your curio cabinet full of replica pigs of every size and dimension? Did you ever wonder to yourself why the sight of those little pink hairless pigs with squiggly tails just make your heart melt? The answer might just be […]

5 Reasons School Bullying Is A Growing Problem

School bullying is nothing new. After all, our grandparents even experienced this painful part of childhood. However, since their days of childhood and even our own childhood days, bullying has escalated tremendously. With the rise of technology comes a new way for bullies to terrorize their victims. Tweet admin

Tips To Identify Whether a Painting Is True or False

If you are simply buying a painting to satisfy your aesthetic sense and to embellish your drawing room, you can buy anything that looks reasonable and fine. However, on the other hand, it is a totally different phenomenon to buy a painting for the purpose of the investment. It is not actually who the painter […]

Soon-to-Be Parents: Pointers for Buying the Perfect Crib

A stroll through the local baby store can be overwhelming for new parents. Aisle after aisle of gear, equipment, gizmos, and gadgets. It can be hard to determine what is necessary and what isn’t. Many items, such as diaper pails and bottle warmers, are merely for convenience. But some articles, such as a car seat […]

Boys, Girls and the Bible: How to Engage Modern Kids with Ancient Messages

Whether you are a professional educator or simply a parent with a passion for the Bible, you can learn how to bring the Bible stories to life for your kids. If you love the Bible and the stories are alive to you, you already have a great foundation to make Bible learning fun and easy […]

Flying with kids? 5 things to pack in your hand luggage

Everyone knows that they should carry lots of toys, snacks and books for children onto planes. However, there are some other things which can make a huge difference to the comfort levels and ability to cope with the annoyances or problems on flights. Below are the top five things that should be packed in your […]

Yes To Love

Remember the engagement video First Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal, that same couple have made another great one… Tweet admin

5 Things That Keep Mom From Getting Enough Sleep

Being a mother is a full-time job requiring long nights and early mornings on a daily basis. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it feels good to come out and just state the facts. For many moms finding time to rest requires an ability to take full advantage of a few […]

3 Things Newlywed Couples Should Discuss Before Having Children

Adding children to a marriage is a big deal. Moving from being a couple to a family affects every area of relationship. Hopefully, you discussed having children, at least in theory, before you got married. Now, as you consider the possibility as a reality, here are things you will want to discuss to be proactive […]

A Nursery For A Royal Baby

One thing’s for sure, this special new arrival will have the best of everything needed to ensure his or her introduction to the world is as smooth, easy and aesthetically pleasing as possible. William and Kate will have their work cut out for them choosing from the magnificent range of high quality nursery furniture and […]

10 Tips for Safe Co-Sleeping

While the co-sleeping debate rages on, recent reports from both the UK and the US reveal that more parents share a bed with their babies than we might believe. It’s estimated that around half of parents let their infants into their beds now and again. Statistics on full-time co-sleepers vary depending on where you look: […]

TJ Stone: Creator of Intricate Handcarved Furniture (Images)

Born in 1874 in Thomasville, NC, TJ Stone traveled the world over and eventually came back to North Carolina to create what his mind envisioned as a wood carver – furniture for the elite of his day. Tweet admin

5 Things Single Parents Should Never Say to their Child

I was 7 years old when my parents divorced. Because of the hostilities between them, my sisters and I were separated from each other and we bounced from relative to relative staying in different homes until things settled down. They never really did. The change was a traumatic one and led to some instances of […]

A Hazel Musing: Things That Make Me Giggle Uncontrollably or Shake With Excitement

Now I am quite a good little girl, I don’t cry too much, as I love being happy, giggly and excitable.  If I’m naughty and get told off, I don’t dwell on it too much, I just look for the next source of entertainment. Now, entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean anything that costs money, I have […]