The world as we know it today is overpopulated and our consumption usage is extremely high. It is absolutely essential that why try to make an attempt to keep people and more importantly our children in touch with Mother Earth. The beauty and delicacy of the Earth must not be ignored; it’s changing seasons, natural rhythms and its mystery. At the basis of it all, we need to teach people to love again.

Joseph Cornell is a man of notable mention. He is one of the world’s leading nature educators and teaches his classes and activities across the globe. His basic concept is to help people and in particular children regain a connection to nature, one that will benefit our planets future.

Cornell’s teachings are about helping people to experience a profoundness and sense of joy, belonging and serenity with the natural world. What makes his methods so unique is he teaches through a range of creative practices that all kinds of people can benefit from.

The activities come under four main categories;

  • Awaken Enthusiasm
  • Focus Attention
  • Direct Experience
  • Sharing Inspiration

Picture yourself lying on the forest floor covered in pine needles, you are part of the forest and have the chance to view it for the first time through its own eyes. Earth Windows is one of many activities that bring you closer to nature to more ways than you will imagine.

These activities can be enjoyed solely as they are or they can run in a sequence to gain a full flowing experience from them. Cornell has a range of books that can be purchased online and you can also find activity ideas for free on the official sharing nature website.

We all recognize that the world is becoming a daunting place for all children to grow up in and what we must do now is try to repair our broken bonds with the Earth that have led us to where we are now. If we can teach our children the importance of nature and help them to develop a future that focuses on this relationship, then all may not be lost after all.

This guest posts was written by freelance writer and designer Abigail. She is a keen environmentalist and nature lover, who is currently learning about childrens education franchise.