It’s an impossible task to name the one thing that every woman walking the planet would be happy to receive, but one option is to give the one you love a handbag. Most women carry a handbag, whether it’s a functional, practical style or a more girly version. A gift that she can show off is certain to score major brownie points.

There’s no need to loiter around women’s stores surrounded by a bevy of shoppers to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift; the internet is a far easier option. Retailers, such as Jane Shilton, offer a huge range of handbags plus they also sell mens shoes if you fancy treating yourself at the same time.

Be Up To Date

For women who love the latest fashion, colour is the ‘word’ for handbags in 2012, which fits in nicely for Valentine’s Day. Dior’s offering in bright red, designed by Galliano, grabbed attention during Fashion Week and is the perfect colour for a V-day gift. For those with pockets that don’t quite stretch to a designer bag, there is a raft of copycat designs on the market. Just think roomy, bright and strappy!

Add Something Extra

But just as you might be thinking you’ve cracked it and a handbag is likely to be received with rapture, you need a little extra zing to make it seem truly romantic. A hidden extra will make your woman think you have really thought about the present and haven’t just grabbed a nice-looking handbag off the rack.

So, the next question is what to put inside? If you are thinking of popping the question, hiding the ring in the depths of her new, beloved possession could be a good move and a perfect mixture of romance and indulgence in one easy move. But for those already hitched, or those who aren’t quite ready for it yet, there are plenty of other little gifts.

This is the point when chocolates really are good. The thought of a fab new handbag with some luxury goodies inside would be enough to make any women drool. But if that’s not her thing, maybe a bottle of her favourite perfume is the answer. If she’s into all things cute and cuddly, a little teddy bear poking out could be just the thing to make her melt.

If you really don’t know what to pick to go inside the bag, or you aren’t sure what kind of handbag your loved one would want, an alternative option is to simply give her a Jane Shilton gift card. Finding one buried inside a new handbag or finding one falling out of her Valentine’s Day card could be the start of a very good day for you both…

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