Children have been subjected to bullying for many years. According to an article on Bullying and Suicide on, people are being more forthcoming about their bullying experiences and are no longer covering up the effects of bullying. Many of the recent suicides have to do with lesbians and gays being more open about who they are. While bullying probably has increased a bit than in the past, cyber bullying has taken a new form of bullying to a higher level.

Cyber bullying means that the person being bullied is not just threatened by one or two people, but by thousands of people in a way that can follow the person for their lifetime. The legal system has to learn how to legislate punishment for individuals who participate in cyber bullying, which can result in more emphasis being put on criminal justice degrees that focus on this growing problem.

Long Term Effects of Bullying

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D., wrote an essay on The Long Term Effects of Bullying. It states that words have as much harm as physical attacks. Emotional damage affects the person’s identity, and their ability to view themselves as capable and effective. People who are bullied view themselves as less desirable which can lead to depression and anger. When the bullied person feels helpless they believe that they do not have control over their lives and can feel they are weak and pathetic. This can lead to a life time of abusive relationships.

Cyber bullying is insidious as it goes virtual. The information that is published on the internet can never go away. It can follow a person for a long time. This can lead to living in fear that someone can uncover the information and the bullying can start all over again.

Short Term Effects of Bullying

According to the short term effects of bullying can include low self-esteem, illness, absenteeism as students attempt to evade the bully, and depression. Many parents are frustrated in their attempts to stop their child from being bullied. Schools and law enforcement agencies do not have the skills to effectively handle bullying. The legal system also has not caught up with laws in the criminal justice systems that effectively stop bullying.

Online Education

Parents are turning to online education for their children as a way to shield them from bullying situations. Children that are home schooled learn at their own pace and are more focused without classroom distractions and disruptions. There are associations that provide interaction with other home schooled children, activities, sports, and a social connection that is important to the development of the child.

Eventually, the legal system will catch up to the increased bullying and cyber bullying as more people earn a criminal justice degree that will focus on this problem. The Short Term Effects of Bullying article also stated that bullies were 4 times more apt to have been convicted of three or more crimes by the time they reach age 24. This really underscores the need for more people with a criminal justice degree.

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