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Four Lucky Leaves – Children’s Book On Being Bullied

Four Lucky Leaves By K.D. Brown Tweet

5 Reasons School Bullying Is A Growing Problem

School bullying is nothing new. After all, our grandparents even experienced this painful part of childhood. However, since their days of childhood and even our own childhood days, bullying has escalated tremendously. With the rise of technology comes a new way for bullies to terrorize their victims. Tweet

Teaching Kids How to Fight Fair

“Communications” was a required course my freshman year in College.  I wish I had been given this course in elementary school!  It taught listening skills and the rules for fighting fair.  I had never heard of such a thing.  In my family, we just fought.  Anything that came to mind flung out of our mouths […]

Bullying: Long Term and Short Term Effects

Children have been subjected to bullying for many years. According to an article on Bullying and Suicide on, people are being more forthcoming about their bullying experiences and are no longer covering up the effects of bullying. Many of the recent suicides have to do with lesbians and gays being more open about who […]

Five Excellent Websites On Bullying And Prevention

Bullying is a hard thing to deal with. This is especially true when you are the parent of a child who is being bullied, or when you know bullying is occurring in your child’s classroom, perhaps to the children of friends or neighbors. Nevertheless, bullying is not ever something to be ignored. And the first […]