Decorating kids’ bedrooms can be a lot of fun. The easiest way to come up with a theme is to make a list of the child’s favorite things.

Favorite movie

For a “favorite movie” room, decorate shelves with toys and books that represent it. Posters are usually available to use as wall decoration for popular movies. Pick a bedspread, pillow shams, window treatments and throw pillows to reflect dominate colors you see in the movie or the DVD cover. Often you can find an entire set of bedding that is based on a child’s movie. Wall color can be neutral or pull a color from the themed bedding.

Favorite toy

A favorite toy provides another easy theme. Decorate the shelves with small toys and pick colors for the bedding and window treatments from the toy. For a vehicle theme, there are area rugs that have roads and streets that not only serve as a floor covering but as a play area. Teddy bears and dolls might invoke anything from pastels to polka dots.
Toy Cars

Favorite animal

Cats and dogs are usually children’s favorites. It is easy to find posters and framed pictures for wall decor or enlarged family pet pictures. Stuffed animals can adorn the bed and shelves. Books can be stood up on the shelves so jacket art can be seen. Bed coverings and window treatments can be found with pet themes or solid colors can be used with theme related throw pillows.

Favorite subjects such as outer space, the wild west or fairy tales

A room based on a favorite subject could be decorated with books showing the jacket art and depending on the subject, wall art may be easily found. Bed coverings and window treatments can be based on a color from the art.

Or even just their favorite color

An easy room decor is based on a favorite color. The wall color can be a variation of the color and assorted hues for the bed coverings and window treatments. Throw pillows can add more splashes of tone on tone. Select artwork that has the color in it.

A child’s room is fun and easy to decorate if you take the cues from the child. Enlist the child’s help in deciding what to use. The kid will love the room and that just MIGHT help them keep it clean!

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