I remember the days when I took off my shirt and women would sigh; some would even faint. My sculpted arms and broad shoulders proudly proclaimed my alpha dominance to all of the men in the room. When I needed, I could do the laundry on my abs.

Well, none of that is really true…but it was definitely a lot easier to keep in shape back when I still had time to go to the gym

But after having a rough break up with the gym after my daughter was born (I even got a Dear Jym letter), I needed to find some way to stay in shape. The only problem is a lack of ‘gym time’. So the mission is to create workouts and ways to keep in shape that fit into a busy schedule of my life as The Family Man. I like that title. It’s not as cool as the Gunslinger or the Enforcer, but I will take what I can get.

Cardio Ideas

Walking and running are the easiest and best options. Most people either love or hate cardio. But it is a well known fact that walking and running are two of the best things you can do to keep yourself fit. Also they are absolutely perfect for the amount of time I have. An added bonus is that both activities are very flexible.

The nice thing about walking is it is something you can do as a family. Slap that baby in a stroller, grab your spouse, and head out after work to enjoy some fresh air and quality time. Take charge of the stroller and give your wife a break for a while of being on-duty. I recommend getting a nice jogging stroller or at least one with inflatable wheels for a smoother ride over those cheap, plastic wheels.

Jogging fits in well to many schedules too. You can get up early and take the dog out a run and then you only have to shower once. Alternatively you can jog in the evenings with the baby in a jogging stroller and give your wife a chance to relax or workout at home while the kiddo is with you. Or she can join you on the trail!


Okay you might think this sounds a little nuts, but your baby makes a great barbell. Sure, the grips are a little closer together and you never want to drop her after your set, but you can get a nice little workout with your child that is just playtime to them. Note: this only is advisable once your baby grows out of the bobble head phase J

Simply put, use your baby for doing simple exercises like curls and overhead lifts. I’ve found you can work most of your upper body with easy exercises and high repetitions. My daughter loves it because it is like being in a super fun “Daddy-swing”.  Plus the workout gets harder as the baby grows!

The Snuggli Workout

Don’t neglect your legs! Do you want to get a great leg workout in and watch your baby at the same time? Strap on a Snuggli front pouch baby carrier and get started. Those baby carriers are just a great way to do two things at once. If you have stairs in the house just march up and down for a great leg workout. You can also do squats, lunges, and calf raises with that extra weight. Again it is high reps but the motion and movement along with watching you grunt makes it a good time for your child as well as you.

Workout Videos

This is a great his & her idea so you can both get in shape together. Buy a hard core, gut busting, home workout video series that you can both agree upon. Then after the baby has tucked in you both hit the home gym together. Not only is it fun, but you also save time by doing the workout at home instead of driving to the gym and back.

Eating Right

Odd hours, a hectic schedule, and a lack of sleep make it very easy to slip into a bad diet. Caffeine, sugary food, and convenient meals tend to cause more problems for us new dads than just a lack of time to work out. To combat this you need to have a ready supply of healthy food at work and home that is easy to prepare. Plenty of nuts, fresh fruit, granola bars, and the like should be around for snacks and quick energy. Stay hydrated all the time. Lastly, try and prepare big meals that will provide leftovers for easy re-heating.

Oddly enough it was pretty easy to fit in some exercises into a busy Dad day. As long as you don’t mind the weird looks neighbors give you while you are doing baby curls, you should be all right.

Paul is the proud new papa of a beautiful baby girl and he has a website devoted to real baby product reviews by a REAL dad. You can see Paul’s most recent Car Seat Reviews at New Dad Reviews.