Hidden in the waterways of the southern United States, and in old warehouses, among other sources, is a treasure house of lustrous hardwood; antique heart pine. Huge longleaf pine logs, some up to 20 feet long, were sunk in the waterways on their trip to the sawmills during the 1800s and believed gone forever. But they are still there, waiting and flawlessly conserved.

Beams from the industrial revolution era warehouses are an additional rich source of antique heart pine wood. Existing wood floorings have an extended life span and also can easily be reused. Heart pine floors are in the classic homes of the eighteenth or nineteenth century and are still walked on every day. The appearance of an older damaged wood floor can be entirely improved using stains, faux finishes and inlays.

Why Antique Wood?

The organic aging process produces an unparalleled and unduplicated patina within the wood grain. River recovered timber is from original stands of old growth forest, usually long leaf pine which was chopped down in the 1800s. Unsurpassed for its one-of-a-kind charm, architectural excellence and also appearance, recovered reclaimed timber is perfect for reclaimed wood floors, exposed trusses, open beam ceilings, exposed headers, traditional mantels, mill work, and traditional furniture.

Appreciated by contractors for its low moisture content, reclaimed lumber offers stability in exposed applications. Fresh cut lumber has the propensity to shrink as well as pull apart if made use of in uncovered locations. Furthermore, almost all old growth logs and woods are exceptionally dense having a higher ring count and a high resin composition, which adds a natural luster to the wood.

Recycled timber is preferred by those who are concerned with environmental protection and sustainability regarding the logging of the remaining stands of old growth woodlands. Regulations on logging for over-harvested varieties of the fine hardwoods started in the 1980s. Today nearly ten percent of the globe’s woods are certified sustainable; thirty-nine percent in United States, fifty-four percent in Europe, yet only eight percent in the other parts of the globe. Reclaimed wood assures you are helping the environment.

Wood Floors Are a Great Choice

The Healthy Choice: Wood floors require less chemicals to keep clean than any other floor and also they do not trap dirt, fumes or mold in the fibers or grout cement. Wood is a good floor selection for anybody who has allergic reactions. Depending on the type of sub floor of the floor, it can be a lot better on your spine and your joints. Wood gives a little give or play and is also easier on your legs as well as feet.

The Affordable Choice: Hardwood floors improve the worth of your home at resale time, and very importantly they are a life-time investment. The floors increase in value as your property does. Hardwood floors are among the most popular hard surface floor covering for remodeling and also in new building.

Carol Goodwin, CR, MCR, is President of Goodwin Heart Pine and holds Craftsman and Master Craftsman degrees from the National Wood Floor Association. She is also a Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspector, and an accredited CEU Provider. Visit Carol at Reclaimed Wood Resources.