The Golden Retriever is part of the Retriever family, which boast some of the most popular breeds around. For example Labradors are very popular among dog owners and so are Golden Retrievers. They are popular because they are great family dogs.

They are actually quite similar to Labradors in many ways. They are both very friendly towards strangers and other animals alike. They are both energetic types of dogs that like to play and be in the center of attention. There’s nothing they relish more than feeling an important part of the family.

They both have natural retrieving skills however the Golden Retriever is a better swimmer. Furthermore the coat allows them to repel water and, even better, they have webbed feet which allow them to move in the water easily. And so they make perfect water dogs, the best in the business actually. They are decent land hunting dogs and can retrieve even large game, while they are unmatched in the water.

Golden Retrievers as pets

Commonly used as water hunting dogs, yet even more common as household pets. Golden Retrievers are an excellent and popular choice among pet owners because of their impressive friendliness and easygoing attitude. In fact, it’s so much more likely that they would befriend an intruder rather than chase them away that it’s almost impossible to train them as guard dogs. Many dogs have natural guarding instincts, the Golden Retriever does not.

Their instinct tells them to respect other people’s space so they are not very intrusive. Yet they are high-spirited and react positively to enthusiasm. They love to play and are sure to appreciate any chance they get to interract with people.

Training and intelligence

Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent dogs commonly bred as service dogs. Service dogs are the most difficult and mentally challenging jobs a dog could have. They know how to open doors, pick specific objects off the ground, help you maintain balance and many other things which seem impossible for a dog at a first glance.

However highly intelligent dogs such as Golden Retrievers are capable of doing much more than that. Knowing that it’s easy to see why they are so easy to train. They respond well to new commands and learning new tricks is a joy for them.

Keeping a Golden Retriever as a pet you will have to constantly provide activity for your dog in the form of daily walks as well as playing fetch, jogging, bycicle runs and others.

It’s also important to watch their eating habits. They are prone to obesity so they need only moderate food rations coupled with sufficient activity. If you provide the necessary ingredients to keep them happy you will find that they are very loving and caring types of dogs.

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