Whittingham Crafts Carousel Rocking Horse

Whittingham Crafts rocking horse

no longer available

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Rocking horse measures: 41" long x 37" high x 18" wide; Floor to saddle: 26" high
Rocker: 60" long; Pole: 52" high - by Whittingham Crafts

The asking price is due to a scuff on the neck of the rocking horse (all defects and details are clearly visible in the images). This rocking horse still looks, rocks and rides fine!

It takes up residence near Phoenix, AZ - perhaps you can come pick it up and save $$.

"I always wanted miniature horses. My husband bought me this Whittingham in 1995 and it wasn't long afterward that I got my first miniature horses.

As a doll collector, I used this Whittingham to display one of my larger dolls."

~ DJ (current owner)


Whittingham Crafts Rocking Horse


Whittingham Crafts plaque