S&S Woodcarvers Rocking Pony (defect)

no longer available

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Rocking horse measures: 48" long x 44" high x 17" wide;
Rocker: 48" long; Pole: 44" high

This is a 1991 Carousel Style Rocking Horse made by S&S Woodcarvers, copyright for this pattern is 1984.

This Little Beauty has been with a couple who is downsizing and moving out of state. She was much beloved by their daughter, who is now 31, but has been very lonely since the daughter went off to college. So this Beauty is looking for a new home to grace and be loved in.

She does need some work - there is a crack on back right leg and left ear is missing. As I said she was well loved so the paint is worn in the mane, tail, and rocker legs. Also there are a few dings on the legs as well as on the saddle. See pictures. ~ Kim (current owner)