Mountain Woodcarvers Rocking Horse

Mountain Woodcarvers Rocking Horse

no longer available

Rocking horse measures: 48 in. long x 40 in. high x 18 in. wide; Pole: 48.5 in. high

Mountain Woodcarvers of Branson, MO made this wood rocking horse. The horse has laid back ears and furnished with a carved mane. The saddle is girthed over a blanket while the breast and hindquarters are covered in painted flowers.

The crackle paint finish makes the paint appear cracked in places but it is not; crackle painting is used to give surfaces a worn or aged look.

There is some missing paint on the rockers from normal use (all details are clearly visible in the images). This rocking horse is in good condition!

It takes up residence in Leslie, MO, an hour west of St. Louis.

~ Brenda (current owner)


Mountain Woodcarvers face


Mountain Woodcarvers painting


Mountain Woodcarvers front


Mountain Woodcarvers back leg


Mountain Woodcarvers Rocking Horse side